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Avatar Wizard Series 



 2024 Schedule

Part 1: Foundation

Americas & Europe
October 12-16, 2024

Asia & Oceania
October 13-17, 2024


Part 2: Empowerment

Americas & Europe
November 16-20, 2024

Asia & Oceania
November 17-21, 2024


NEW! Part 3: Perception

Americas & Europe  
January 4-8, 2025


Asia & Oceania  
January 12-16, 2025

Part 3: Perception is the uncovering of the core mechanics of the source of reality creation - attention. Learn skillful means of working with your attention to reveal the transparent influences determining your existence. Neutralize desires and resistances to recover the priceless sources of power that are trapped in the past. Deliberately and profoundly align your world self with your higher self intentions. New materials. New exercises. New territory.


Wizard: "wiz-" comes from wisdom and "-ard" means one who knows. So simplifying, a wizard is someone that employs wisdom. An Avatar Wizard has tested and experienced how minds work. This wisdom, it turns out, is essential both for creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization as well as living an enjoyable, enlightened life.

The power and ability to transform the planet

The Avatar Wizard Series is Section V, the final step of the Avatar path. The exploration leads you into the fundamental structures of consciousness and equips you to live a fully awakened life that empowers you to change the world around you.

The full Wizard Series has 5 Parts that expand on the original Wizard Course materials. Each section presents specific tools that access the deepest roots of your consciousness. Previous attendees and new students alike will experience a new level of clarity and power. 




"Every successful civilization has been the result of a core group of dedicated professionals that has laid the foundation and drafted the blueprints for the future. These are the individuals who get the show started. They are resourceful, often visionary, often unconventional. In the Star’s Edge network, these are the Wizards.”
- Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer



A few of the Expected Results of the 5 part Wizard Series

An increased ability to:

  • think and perceive beyond any indoctrinated model of reality and to use this power to resolve life problems and make decisions with total mental clarity.
  • manage your creative energy (attention) effectively
  • extrapolate new data and experience new viewpoints
  • explore and perceive hidden planes of reality and secret realms of consciousness
  • deliberately and efficiently manifest your intended creations or dis-creations




"This Wizard Course not only empowered me so I am sure to have a more joyful life and a better partnership, but it was also a great spiritual experience."
- Muller G., USA


"The relief from the pain and suffering as these resistances were handled is beyond measure. The feeling of wholeness I have right now is a priceless gift."
- Mike O., Australia





Schedule 2024


Americas & Europe 
October 12 – 16, 2024

Course Hours:
Americas 9am-3pm EDT
Europe 3pm-9pm CEST
Iran 4:30-10:30 IRST

30 minute break after 3 1/2 hours of class.


Asia & Oceania 
October 13 - 17, 2024

Course Hours:
China 9am-3pm CST
Japan & Korea 10am-4pm JST & KST
Australia 12pm-6pm AEDT
New Zealand 2pm-8pm NZT

30 minute break after 3 1/2 hours of class.


Available in these languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, French,
German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish


Course Description

Part 1: Foundation is the doorway to the Wizards Path. It gives you the alchemy to transform information into wisdom and the skills to apply your wisdom as a source being. The Foundation graduate is a level one Wizard capable of thinking and perceiving beyond any indoctrinated model of reality and of using these mental powers to discover real causes and make decisions with mental clarity.






Expected results of Part 1: Foundation

  • The ability to think and perceive beyond any indoctrinated model of reality.
  • The ability to discover real causes and make decisions with mental clarity.
  • The ability to learn the art of recognizing, adapting, or removing old patterns of indoctrination.
  • An understanding of the four principles of creative study.
  • The ability to organize information and predict phenomena.
  • Increased awareness and discernment.
  • Recovery of fixed attention and freedom from past study failures.
  • A marked recovery of attention and a reduction in tension and confusion.
  • An increased sense of responsibility. Freedom from fixed viewpoints.


" I had deep insights into my own self sabotaging life patterns around how to be real, what keeps me from asking for help and what is really important in my life. I so enjoyed this course, the platform, especially your talks and all the insights. This is really the course, where you work on yourself so deeply, that you create a change in mass consciousness. "
- Christina K., Germany


“I lifted years of study problems and issues with others from my being in a heartbeat. What a joy. I feel so happy and relaxed I’m finding it difficult to find the words. Years of self-disapproval and disappointment seem to be gone.”
- Rowena M., Australia



A few of the questions addressed in Part 1: Foundation

  • What is the Wizard’s gate?
  • What effort is behind the creation of mind?
  • How do you keep life from becoming serious?
  • What is the real danger of enlightenment?
  • How do Wizards use Avatar to defuse social conflicts?
  • How do you recognize if what you feel is indoctrination?
  • What is the relationship between curricula and social evolution?
  • How do Wizards become powerful centers of influence?
  • Can Creative Study accelerate your evolution? Raise your IQ?








 Schedule 2024


Americas & Europe 
November 16 - 20, 2024

Course Hours:
Americas 9am-3pm EST
Europe 3pm-9pm CET
Iran 5:30-11:30 IRST

30 minute break after 3 1/2 hours of class.


Asia & Oceania 
November 17 - 21, 2024

Course Hours:
China 9am-3pm CST
Japan & Korea 10am-4pm JST & KST
Australia 12pm-6pm AEDT
New Zealand 2pm-8pm NZT

30 minute break after 3 1/2 hours of class.






Course Description

Part 2: Empowerment is designed to introduce aspects of awareness, perception and consciousness that often go unnoticed. It provides advanced instruction in shifting the mind between thoughts, beliefs and different modes of operation. Wizards explore firsthand the connection between mental states and experience, resulting in deeper applied wisdom. Empowerment opens the door to employing higher awareness for everyday use.


A few of the questions addressed in Part 2: Empowerment

  • Who are you? 
  • What is mind? 
  • How does it operate?
  • What are the different modes of operation of a mind? 
  • How can you know if your decisions are based on prediction, reaction or intuition?
  • How can you deliberately cause the mind to reveal information from the subconscious?
  • Where do secondaries come from and what is their pattern?
  • How can you raise your recognition of secondaries?
  • How can you empower your ability to create?



Expected results of Part 2: Empowerment


  • An ability to discover and change the personal core archetypes that structure your mind and create transparent standards by which you judge experience.
  • Increased awareness of the response behaviors of consciousness.
  • An understanding of the two fundamental states of conscious reality and how to dissolve them.
  • A greater ability to deliberately and efficiently manifest your intended creations (or to dissolve them.)
  • Ability to observe and experience from the viewpoint of higher self.
  • Clearer insight into mental phenomena in self and others through exploring the different modes of existence.


  • An increased ability to view and understand your own consciousness from the viewpoint of higher self.
  • Learn about the elements of control and your ability to bring forth your inner power.
  • Study the 5 strategic steps to employ power successfully and responsibly.
  • Learn about the 3 stages of a spiritual path and how to apply the power of genuine consecration.
  • Utilize the Creation Flow Chart to identify and debug the stages of creating and manifesting a reality.

“On the Multi-dimensionalizing Exercise, I rediscovered my interest in other people. With this tool, the fascinating qualities of everyone have magically reappeared. It feels like a complete makeover of the world for me.”
- Jane P., USA


“As a person who before had been thinking my perspective is the only right perspective, it is amazing to see that a change in perspective actually brings a totally different experience of life. Exploring life is becoming more fun!”
- Lee Jin Y., Korea

trainer team



Course Tuition and Information


Part 1: Foundation 

  • $2200 USD for new students

  • $625 USD for reviewing students 

Part 2: Empowerment

  • $2200 USD for new students

  • $625 USD for reviewing students


  • Fully online course

  • Talks by Harry Palmer exclusively for Wizards

  • 5 days, 6 hours/day, led by the Star’s Edge trainers

  • New course content includes further elaboration of previous Wizard Course materials.

  • The experience is interactive and personal

  • All graduates of the Avatar Master Course are invited to apply. New students must begin with Part 1: Foundation.






Harry Palmer

"An enlightened planetary civilization begins by working on your inner self. Planetary consciousness responds to the work you do on yourself. In the end, your peace of mind is a gift to the world."
- Harry Palmer


About the Avatar Path

Avatar Path

The Avatar Path is a breadcrumb trail of self-development courses for anyone who wishes to accelerate their own evolution to higher awareness. Each course reawakens a new level of skills that advance one’s functionality in living deliberately and to love precious humanity. The ultimate goal is to awaken people to be their best and contribute in their unique way to a peaceful and cooperative enlightened planetary civilization.

Resurfacing and The Avatar Course (Sections I-III) address your life and your consciousness. You learn to uncover hidden belief structures that sabotage you and to eliminate them. It gives you a step by step process to create empowering beliefs to transform your life into the one you envision.

The Avatar Master Course is for Avatar Course graduates who have been invited to become trained and licensed Avatar Masters, to continue their own growth or teach the course. It expands an Avatar’s ability to interact successfully with other people and empower their awakening. Students of this course gain mastery of the Avatar tools and skill in guiding Avatar students on their journey. Avatar Masters are also trained facilitators of Thoughtstorm® for group collaboration and are contributors to the Compassion Project.

Enrollment for the Avatar Integrity Course, Professional Course, and Avatar Wizard Series are available to Avatar Masters. The Avatar materials, courses and social media are managed by Star’s Edge International in Orlando, Florida.





Computer and Internet Requirements

What are the technical requirements for this online course?

  • A computer or laptop, no older than 2018. This platform does NOT work on phones or tablets. Each student will need their own device.
  • Your device must have a camera and microphone. Permissions must be enabled so that it will allow face-to-face conversations during the course.
  • Your web browser should be Google Chrome. No other browsers are supported.
  • Minimum internet speed: 10 mbps (You can verify your internet speed with your current service provider or visit Xfinity Speed Test (English only)
  • Home Wifi or Network connection speed: 5 GHz Wi-Fi or LAN-connected internet

We also recommend:

  • Your computer meet these processing speed and memory minimums: Minimum: 2gb + 1.5GHZ
    Recommended: 4gb + 2.4GHZ
  • Using a mouse - we've found the platform navigation is most reliable with a mouse.


Registration and materials

What are my next steps after I register?

You will receive an email once you submit your registration. It has links to forms that we need to complete your registration process. Please fill them out promptly, in order to receive your printed course materials on time.

When can I expect my materials to arrive?

Materials will be sent to you by postal mail 2-4 weeks before the start of the course. If there is a delay, we can provide secure access online via DIGIFY until your printed materials arrive.

Is there a deadline for registration?

Registration for reviewing students closes 10 days before the start date. New student registration closes by the start of the course. Registering early ensures you will receive your materials on time.

Will the first review of each part of the Wizard Series be free of charge?

There are no free reviews for the Wizard Series.

My license expired. Can I still do Wizards series?

Usually, yes. Send in your registration (application) and we will contact you if there are any issues to address.

When will I receive login information for the platform?

About two weeks prior to the course, you will receive an email with login links, instructions, and a guide to the platform.



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