The Advantage of High Self Esteem

high self esteem

Chances are, you know someone who oozes confidence. You're familiar with a man or woman who's comfortable in their own skin, walks proudly, and understands their worth -- and it shows.

Is that person you? Do you have high self-esteem?

If it's not and you don't, you're not alone. People around the world suffer from low self-esteem, but it doesn't have to stay that way. You can improve your self-esteem and expel negative thoughts by focusing your attention on what can be controlled in your everyday life. At The Avatar Course®, we provide a powerful and effective course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events that you experience as your life. The training offers practical tools to modify those things you wish to change, helping you to achieve higher self-esteem and a positive relationship with your mental health, and with others.

Studies show that confidence peaks around the age of nine (9), but wanes with adolescence. What if you could recapture that high self-esteem from your youth?  Healthy self-esteem requires constant self-reflection and improvement to solve problems over the long term. We believe that expanding your awareness through our ReSurfacing® Workshop can connect you to how your beliefs affect your life and increase your level of self-esteem.

Would you ask for that big promotion? Take that next step in a relationship? Let adventure guide you to new and exciting opportunities, rather than letting fear keep you on the sidelines?

The good news is that you can achieve all this and more. Today, we're uncovering a few key ways high self-esteem can change your life, getting you closer than ever before to that confident and assured 9-year-old that's still inside.

Ready to learn more? Let's go!

1. Criticism Loosens Its Hold, Abandon Negative Self Talk

Criticism has many faces. When we have poor self-esteem, negative feelings can take root quicker, and feeling bad becomes normalized versus feeling good. Don't feel guilty, building self-esteem isn't a quick process but the road to positive self-esteem is not one you must travel alone. In The Avatar Course®, you practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life. We sincerely believe that you can reconnect with an experiential awareness of your own existence and recover the effortless ability to create personal reality affecting your esteem issues.

Sometimes, it's constructive, as when a boss gently informs you of holes in your performance that can lead to a stronger outcome when addressed. When given in this context, criticism is often helpful and healthy.

Yet, often, criticism appears as a nasty side effect of low self-esteem. It can turn spouses against each other, tear family members apart, and ruin relationships. At the root of it all? Expectations that are not aligned with reality. When we lack confidence in ourselves, it becomes difficult to believe in others. As a result, we can create unobtainable ideals that even those closest to us can't reach.

When you adopt a mindset of high self-esteem, you'll readjust your outlook, giving yourself -- and your loved ones -- some freedom to make mistakes and still receive love.

2. Stress Becomes More Manageable

According to a recent survey, more than half of working adults are concerned about the levels of stress in their lives. People with high self-esteem are less likely to be affected by stress in their daily lives. The Avatar Course®, helps you weed out self-sabotaging beliefs before they can do you more harm. Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness created by accessing your own mental programming, resulting in a transformational realization about why certain aspects of your life have fallen short and what you can do to correct them. You turn the part of yourself that was your worst enemy into a guiding friend making your stress more manageable.

From deadlines, social media, family obligations, and every trigger in between, it can become easy to feel overwhelmed by all we have to juggle. When we lack confidence in our ability to perform, that weight shifts from merely challenging to all-encompassing and often unbearable.

On the other hand, high self-esteem helps us muster the energy and determination to face even the most stressful situation head-on. An added benefit? We're able to stave off some of the negative physical symptoms that result from stress. From headaches and hypertension to libido loss and depression, stress can play a pretty tough role on our bodies, wearing them down to the point of exhaustion. Choosing to approach stressful situations with self-assured courage and tenacity can turn even the steepest mountain into a scalable molehill.

3. You Can Express Yourself More Clearly

Is there anything in your life you'd like to try if failure weren't so glaringly an option? Are you itching to say something but aren't sure how? The Avatar Course® takes you on a tour of some of the most fundamental, transparent belief structures of consciousness. Transparent, because instead of seeing them, you see through them. The course experientially introduces you to procedures and tools that you can use to self-determinedly manage your life. Typically, it is an insightful and enlightening experience and may leave you in a euphoric state for some time. This type of introspective and extrospective vision-based exercise helps build your self-esteem as you create your own personal universe around yourself.

The answer doesn't have to be as dramatic as, "I'd like to attempt skydiving." Maybe there's a broken friendship you'd like to patch, but you aren't confident enough to try again. Maybe you're considering a career change, but don't think you have what it takes to go back to school or start over again in the workforce.

That boulder standing in your way? Most likely, it's your self-esteem. High self-esteem helps you reach for the things you want, ask for what you need, and speak your mind with more surety.

Studies show that many people, especially women in the workforce, are hesitant to negotiate for a better situation. One of the main reasons why? People often have a tendency to focus on the needs of others over their own. Building high self-esteem helps you turn that attention a little more inward, giving yourself the boost you need to make that important first move.

4. Your Relationships Are Healthier

With high self-esteem, you not only treat yourself better. You're also better able to build the healthy, strong relationships you want in your life.

When you're better aware of what you do and don't want -- and better prepared to articulate those feelings -- you attract the kind of positive energy you give off.  As a result, you're also keenly aware of those relationships that are more toxic than uplifting and are better equipped to remove yourself from them if required.

From abusive spouses to jealous, spiteful "frenemies," you'll be able to spot the people whose behavior has been exacerbating your feelings of self-doubt and loneliness. There's a direct link between abuse (in all its forms) and low self-esteem, though leaving isn't always as cut and dry as simply cutting off ties.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, the National Domestic Violence Hotline offers a helpful Safety Plan to guide you toward freedom. Here's an article that focuses on rebuilding your finances after escaping an abusive relationship, providing tips on budgeting, building credit, and getting back into the workforce.

5. Setbacks Don't Keep You Down

Even with high self-esteem, you won't be immune to all of life's inevitable ebbs and flows. The reality is that even with all the confidence in the world, you'll likely still experience setbacks, disappointments, and failures.

The difference? You might get knocked down temporarily, but you'll have the strength to get back up and keep going. With low self-esteem, even the smallest obstacle can feel like a massive blow. When that's the case, every day becomes a struggle. Choosing to face every situation with self-assurance helps ensure that no matter what hand you're dealt, you'll bravely accept it.

This also gives you that extra confidence boost you need to leap fearlessly into those big, new, and yes, sometimes scary, unknowns.

Want to Build High Self Esteem? We Can Help!

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