The Avatar® Course


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Looking inward, learning about your own consciousness, is variously called meditation, introspection, or self-examination. The Avatar® training course makes self-examination an enjoyable, enlightening adventure.

- Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials


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The Avatar Course is a workshop that teaches skills for managing reality.

Avatar is a set of tools that allows people, in a very short time, to identify and change the conclusions, decisions, and agreements that are shaping their lives. The exercises and tools are experiential, engaging, and effective. The personal development training allows you to explore yourself to make your own discoveries and realizations. There are specific instructions and clear expected results.

While the processes are simple, the results are profound, enlightening, and transformative.




"I finally know who I am. The Avatar tools showed me that I wore armor so heavy that I could never truly look inside myself. Now I can interact with myself, discover and decide where I want to go, and move myself in that direction. I can attract what I need to facilitate my path to the destination I dream of, and make it real." - Adriana R., Brazil


“I feel a great change in the way I feel, the way I decide, my self confidence, the way I connect with others, and the way I feel about other people. The things that I had been trying to avoid looking at, and which I blamed both myself and others for, are gone. I feel much lighter. I'm excited that I have a clear idea now of what I want to do, and I can do everything! I believe in my future!” - S.K., Japan


Avatar unlocks the inner power to shape your life

Through the step-by-step guided self-development journey, you make discoveries about how your beliefs determine your personal reality. These are connections that only you can make. You learn ways to resolve the source of issues and patterns that sabotage your goals. The realizations and self-awareness you have in this process are unique and personal to you.

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Awaken a deeper sense of personal power, newfound inspiration for your dreams and goals, and a more relaxed appreciation of people and the world.

  • The ability to uncover foundational self-realizations frees you from limitations.
  • By managing beliefs, you can deliberately restructure consciousness and create new realities.
  • Discovering root causes, eliminating blocks and creating realities empowers you to fulfill your unlimited potential.


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“It was an incredible experience that made me realize how infinite the potential is in me. In just a few days came understanding, connections, insights and truths of things that were already in me but that I had not realized at all on my own.” - Fiorella U., Italy


“The Avatar Course took me home to myself in all the best ways. I laughed, I cried, and I had so much fun. A playful side of me I'd not seen in many years showed up. I've woken up to truths, beliefs, and a deliberate life that I am enjoying. I am right here. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful program to the world.” - Laura C., USA


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  • Greater connection with and insight into the nature of personal reality
  • The ability to discover your secret-most beliefs
  • The ability to perceive reality without judgments, distortion, biases, and separation
  • The ability to modify personal reality and create experientially real states of beingness at will
  • The ability to address body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, self-sabotaging beliefs, negative emotions, and compulsions
  • The ability to assume full responsibility for the conditions and circumstances of your life
  • A relaxed awareness that replaces stress
  • A quiet mind and dramatically enhanced sense of well being
  • Deeper understanding of how to achieve goals
  • Inner freedom, self esteem, and a sense of how to live a happy life
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence, compassion, and communication skills
  • Improved self-confidence in decision making and life management skills

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The Avatar materials produce a profound increase in one’s level of self awareness. This inspires graduates to make changes in their personal values and goals. These changes are always self-determined and self-actualized by the student. In the absence of influence or persuasion by others, people feel safe to explore. The course materials are simple step-by-step instructions for how to make personal discoveries, not what you should find, change or believe.

Avatar self-awareness courses are taught worldwide in 24 languages. Over 100,000 people from 153 countries have successfully completed the training.

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The people who guide you through the course are called Avatar Masters - meaning, they have mastery with the tools and processes of Avatar. They are licensed and trained to teach the course materials and experienced in guiding students through the course. They are equipped with leadership skills to support building self-awareness through facilitating a safe space for self reflection.


See what students experience as they go through the course.
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See what students experience as they go through the course.
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It’s like a meditation practice in that it is about gaining mastery of the mind—allowing the mind to still—but Avatar does it playfully without the struggle or confrontation. It’s the difference between opening a safe by prying the door off or using the combination. Avatar is the combination.

- Harry Palmer



Europe • February 24 - March 3
Americas • March 29 - April 7




  • Group classes are available in person and as an online course, depending on location.

  • Participation involves:
    • solo work, both indoors and outdoors
    • discussions in small groups
    • working one-on-one with an Avatar Master as a guide
    • reading and some brief writing

  • The approach is light and informal, rather than serious, and experiential rather than intellectual.

  • The material is appropriate for all ages and seekers, from self-help beginners to advanced personal growth and spiritual awakening adventurers.

  • Tuition is $2295* USD (for all Sections 1-3 • 9 days)
     (*All prices are for the USA. Prices vary per country)

    • Section 1 • ReSurfacing Workshop - 2 days, 30 exercises • $295 USD
    • Section 2 • Exercises • 4-5 days, self-paced • $500 USD
    • Section 3 • Procedures • 1-2 days • $1500 USD


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+Avatar Path

Avatar Path

The Avatar Path is a breadcrumb trail of human potential courses for anyone who wishes to accelerate his or her own evolution to higher awareness.

ReSurfacing is Section I of the Avatar path. It is the foundation for all the following courses.

Each section of Avatar builds upon exercises and abilities developed in the previous training.

The Avatar Course Sections II and III are often taught immediately following the ReSurfacing workshop. ReSurfacing, Section II, and Section III are collectively referred to as The Avatar Course.

The Avatar Master Course is for Avatar Course graduates who have been invited to become a trained and licensed Avatar teacher.

The Avatar Integrity Course, Professional Course, and Wizard Course are available to Avatar Masters.

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Doing the exercises of the Avatar Course produces a gradual increase in self-awareness. A natural outcome of this increased self-awareness is recognition of the reactive and unconscious factors that are negatively affecting your abilities, your relationships, your health, and your spiritual well being. These factors can be identified and discreated. The result is a recovery of an ability to live deliberately—meaning the ability to determine your own beliefs and mental attitudes without being swayed by hidden influences.

- Harry Palmer

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