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“What is the real work to be done on this planet? It is to make ourselves more aware, to remind ourselves that our essential nature is nonviolent, and to increase the amount of compassion and cooperation on the planet."- Harry Palmer

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Harry Palmer is an author, teacher, and speaker dedicated to the spiritual awakening of humanity.

He created the Avatar® personal development courses, with step by step tools and instruction, that bring long-lasting and real awakening.

Harry Palmer launched a spiritual development workshop in his New York living room in 1987 to train participants to recognize limiting beliefs, and to create reality deliberately. The Avatar Course and other training courses have been taught in 150 countries to over 100,000 people. His writing has been translated in over 30 languages and his talks have half a million views on YouTube.

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“Can you imagine a civilization where, even if we don’t totally love each other, we can trust each other? A civilization that does not reward betrayals or blind loyalty? A civilization that runs on kindness rather than fear? Maybe you and I will never get there. But our children will.” - Harry Palmer

A lifetime explorer and spiritual seeker, Harry Palmer earned an undergraduate degree at Ithaca College, a Master of Science in Education from Elmira College, and became an educator. Shortly after, he had a transformational experience that changed his perception of the world and eventually the focus of his role as a teacher.

“One day in the early ‘70’s in Los Angeles, I had an extraordinary experience...I walked out of my apartment and noticed that my normal perspective had been replaced with a much broader one—a total perspective! My thoughts and the things I looked at were in the same place! I was walking through a physical landscape that was the same as my mind.…Something major had dissolved...The world and the mind were suddenly synonymous. A perfect, coincidental alignment of mental thought and physical reality. So simple, so pure! The mind had become the universe, or perhaps it was the other way around.”

The Avatar® Course - Harry Palmer Author of the Avatar Materials - Greeting Avatar Students
The Avatar® Course - Harry Palmer Author of the Avatar Materials - On Stage Speaking at Podium

The Avatar self-development courses took many years to create. Harry became a dedicated explorer of human consciousness, mapping and learning how it works. What he discovered in his research led to developing tools that anyone could use to and experience the benefits of reconstructing their own minds to live deliberately.


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Harry Palmer formed Stars Edge International to meet the demand for the Avatar materials worldwide.  The Avatar Course, The Avatar Master Course, The Avatar Integrity Course, The Avatar Professional Course, and the Avatar Wizard Series (formerly known as the Wizard Course) have been held worldwide for decades. After 30+ years working with thousands of students, it’s evident that as people increase personal responsibility they become happier, more compassionate, more cooperative, and are able to connect with Harry’s message to love precious humanity®.

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Harry has always been an avid reader and an enthusiastic researcher of many subjects across all topics of human civilization. From scuba diving (he has logged more than 300 dives in 8 different oceans), farming practices (he maintains a small biodynamic farm of tilapia, chickens, dogs, and vegetables), to computer engineering (he’s a coder), to understanding the values of world religions and spiritual paths (he is most influenced by a daily Buddhism practice), he is interested in what makes societies and individuals thrive. Most of all, Harry is committed to contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization (“EPC” for short). 

As author of the Avatar materials, Harry continues to serve people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds in their self-awakening process. He lives with his wife, Avra Honey-Smith, and their dogs in Florida. Harry is active on social media through the Avatar Legacy Facebook group.

+ Books

Harry is the author of 8 books translated from English into 13 languages and of numerous workbooks and training materials translated into 36 languages. His writing explores personal growth and self help, and the spiritual journey of discovering your life's purpose.

Complete Book List

Best Sellers

Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar

ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness

The Avatar Path 1: The Way We Came

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Other books

The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons

The Avatar Legacy

The Avatar Master’s Handbook

The Thoughtstorm Manual: An Evolution in Human Thinking

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+ Special Projects

Over the years, Harry has created many specialized initiatives.

The Compassion Project

A global project intended to raise the amount of compassion in the world, that resulted in distributing millions of copies of the Compassion Card in 36 languages.

Plant a Tree Project

Plant a Tree project started in 2019. For every course attendee that requested it, a tree was planted, resulting in 3000 new trees across the globe, as of 2022.

Resurfacing in Education

An education project aimed to support educators and students in secondary schools by providing free access to ReSurfacing Workbooks for use in the classroom, which empowers kids in using their will deliberately and controlling their attention.



Harry Palmer talks about his experiences during the Florida hurricanes, his challenges as an organic gardener, and the sometimes dangerous route to higher consciousness.
With these and other humorous, thought-provoking stories, he weaves a modern allegory of spiritual awakening.

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