Chris Elliott

City: Hastings
State/Country: Hawkes Bay
Zip/Postal Code: 4172
Phone: +64 279015886
Article: Before I took the Avatar®️ course, my life was pretty dysfunctional. I didn’t have much of an ego and gave myself away to anyone with a sad story. Behind the scenes, I was angry and prone to explosive outbursts, often hurting others in the process. By my own reckoning, I was in serious trouble but, interestingly, my desperation led me to Avatar®️, something for which I will be forever grateful.  Taking the Avatar®️ course was the best thing I ever did. It basically saved my life. After the course, I met life on my own terms, and created my dream of being a successful artist.  And now I’m joining the team of Avatar Masters to bring these priceless tools to others. If you feel inspired to find out more about Avatar®️, please contact me. 
Located in: New Zealand