Liza Berkoff

City: Chicago
State/Country: IL
Zip/Postal Code: 60614
Phone: 773.456.4597

I am available for free info hours anytime for you to learn more about the Avatar® Course and to feel if it is right for you, now. It is my complete pleasure to introduce you the Avatar® materials and have you experience the powerful changes you can make for yourself and the world using these tools. I will be delivering the Avatar course on all 4 of the International Avatar courses in the Orlando, FL area in January, March, July and November. There is no need to wait to get started on your Avatar® path, there is always an option to start now. I have deep connections in Chicago, at the moment I am traveling the country and currently in the Orlando area. I may be in your part of the country next. Regardless of where I am located I am happy to connect with you where ever you are.  

Located in: Illinois