Collin Bootsveld

City: Brussel
State/Country: Belgium
Zip/Postal Code: 1070
Phone: +31 6 53963983 / +32499892589

AvatarĀ® is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enables you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. It's you finding out about you.

I was educatad as an Chemical Engineer and had my first work expericence at a small engineering consultancy firm , that focussed on energy conservation in the industry. I hit barriers off which I blamed others, but on second thought they were repeatedly created by me. Especially the "second hand ideas" that I had unconciously adopted from others, proved of little use. They led me away from the meaning of my life. This realisation was the beginning of a transformation.

In 1996 I started with Avatar and soon my scientific approach of reality made way for a true interest in people. This helped me to find a new job and new friends.

In 2002 my partner got ill and in 2005 she died from the implications of cancer. It was a sad period but it was also beautifull to be part of this process. Now I am building up a new relationship, a family and my own company. Without Avatar I would not have been able to deal with these life situations so smoothly.

So. whether you would like to change a personal situation or get ahead professionally, do not misguide yourself with second hand ideas, but create your life the way you want it.

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Located in: Belgium