Ariane Leanza Heinz

City: Widen
State/Country: Aargau
Zip/Postal Code: 8967
Phone: 077 425 0018
Article: Ariane Leanza Heinz has worked with people for over 20 years. Originally from Switzerland, she received her Master degree in Music Education. She taught music to children as well as adults for many years. As a teacher, she always was looking for ways to help her students growth as singers, musicians and people. After buying and reading all sort kinds of self-help books, doing some seminars, seeing a counselor and trying to improve herself in all aspects, a friend told her about the Avatar course. She signed up for the next ReSurfacing workshop available in her area. At first she was skeptic, but she was willing to experience something new. The Monday after her first two days of training she tripled her income in one week! After that she decided to move on to section 2 and 3. And became an Avatar Master to share the wonderful knowledge that changed her life in every aspects. Loving life, music and self-improvement, delivering Avatar® was just the right next step for her. Ariane organizes and conducts local ReSurfacing® workshops and teaches the Avatar course around the country. She speaks fluently and teaches in English, French, Italian and more recently German. She is happily married and has two daughters (a 9 & 7 year old). Her husband took the Avatar and Masters course after seeing the amazing changes in his wife's life. They now teach the Avatar Course together. She has supported many people successfully create the most amazing life they could imagine!
Located in: Suisse