Jody James

City: St. Augustine
State/Country: Florida
Zip/Postal Code: 32086
Phone: (941) 586-5131

I became an Avatar in 1998 with an intention of finding my purpose in life. Little did I know I would also rid myself of a learning challenge, anxiety attacks, chronic stomach aches, feeling lonely and then turn on my genius and intuitive abilities- just in the first course.

So doing Master's, Integrity and Wizards courses every year since are a "no-brainer" for me and part of my life purpose - to evolve and continue discovering my excellence and to use my time and energy to support others in doing the same.

Now, I can handle life challenges without seeing them as so "awefull" and sometimes I'm even excited about the challenge. I experience moments of gratitude and bliss and the magic of being the deliberate creator of my life and it feels great.

Call me to explore doing Avatar. I provide the Resurfacing Workshop in historic St.Augustine or join me to do your self discovery on one of The International Avatar Courses.

Located in: Florida