Dale Sims

City: Orlando
State/Country: Florida, USA
Zip/Postal Code: 32714
Phone: 808-938-9682/407-212-7702

Congratulations for taking your first step!

Avatar is a Path to spiritual development

not associated with any religion or non-profit.

The Avatar Path awakens a happier you

Naturally improving the world for everyone.

You will learn powerful effective methods to control your mind and life.

I Help others empower themselves with Avatar. Nationwide.

Would you like to improve the world?

Avatar is a quick effective path!!

Taking control of life can be easier and more fun than you might think. Doing it is more important to everything in life than you might imagine. Learning tools to make it easy is something new and changes everything! Now is the time to change the next moment!

I hold great hope for our future.... yours, mine and our planet's!
Allow me to share an experience of Avatar with you and I believe you will too!

In person, on SKYPE or on the phone it will be a shared adventure.

An introduction to Avatar is really your introduction to you!

Join me for an expedition within human consciousness. You'll be amazed at what you'll find there (here).

I have been an Avatar Master/Wizard empowering others to improve their lives with these tools since 2002. After experiencing Avatar and accelerating my own spiritual development, I recognized the possibilities and importance of empowering many people with this technology of mind and these amazing tools, as quickly as possible! Creating peace, compassion and personal responsibility are goals worth achieving in support of a sustainable future for humanity and our precious planet.

I was a 38 year resident of Hawaii, originally from California. I now live in Orlando, Florida, to better support the International and Regional Avatar Courses. However my heart, interest and friends extend around the planet and to you... no matter where you are.

Together with my wife, Madonna Machado, also an Avatar Master, we are contributing to a happier, more successful planet. We love to deliver this technology to others. We are honored to support people as they explore life through the free introductory mini-courses offered locally (or by phone and skype) all the way to the amazing Wizard Course.

If you are ready take that first step or just want to "talk story", please call. Your life and your world will be happy you did! Connect soon.

You and our world are ready for Avatar.

I look forward to meeting you!

407-212-7702 or 808-938-9682 dale432@gmail.com

Located in: Florida