Susanne Wetteskog Bungum

City: Gränna
State/Country: Sweden
Zip/Postal Code: 563 32
Phone: +46 704 402613

I first became interested in how the mind works through my training in the sport of diving. I truly love that sport putting your self out on a limb daily, you better think right or you get seriously hurt!

I participated in two olympic games, but know now I could have become even better if I at that time had the Avatar tools available to me!

I discovered Avatar when I lived in Austin Texas. As soon as I picked up the Avatar journal that was sent to my husbands chiropractic office I knew I would do the course. I became a Master in 1993 and had my first swedish student 1994.

Year 2000 I move to Sweden with my family, I currently live in Gränna working together with my starsister Elisabeth....we create a wonderful dynamic together!

Located in: Sweden