Peter Felice

City: Sydney
State/Country: Australia
Zip/Postal Code: 2229
Phone: +61 (0417) 234730
Article:   I am very passionate about using the Avatar tools to support people to really go for their goals and achieve what they want to achieve in their lives.I am constantly amazed by what people are able to accomplish using these tools. The Avatar tools are easy to learn , simple to use and they are profoundly effective. In a caring and compassionate environment new skills and greater awareness replace old self imposed limitations.If you have ever felt that you have more to offer or you have not quite realised your full potential , you have come to the right place. The avatar tools are self empowering and allow you to unlock the potential that you know that you have.One of the most incredible things about the Avatar Course is that apart from feeling inspired and motivated to achieve your own goals in life, the people you care about the most, benefit from you working on yourself.