Na'ama Avniel

City: Edgewater
State/Country: NJ
Zip/Postal Code: 7020
Phone: 201-4036771

The Avatar course is being delivered by a highly caring and compassionate beings and in a safe space allow you to explore the connection between your beliefs and your experiences, the benefits you gain are:

  • living in peace with yourself and with the people around you.
  • create experiences you prefer to have in life and learn a powerful technique for discreating self sabotaging beliefs/persisted conditions in your life.
  • better health.
  • Align yourself with your life purpose.
  • Awaken to a higher perspective, discover and experience who you really are.

I've been delivering the Avatar course since 2002, in Israel and USA, every time being on a course I have tears in my eyes, being amazed by the profound and fast changes that people are having using the Avatar tools. When you use the tools in any aspect of your life, allow yourself to experience what's there you regain your creative power which now is available for you to direct where you prefer and create a new experiences.

So now that you know everything, call me and lets start experiencing :)

Contact me any time for free introduction for Avatar (in person or over the phone) as well as in regard to the next Avatar course available.

May you be happy and well :)

Located in: New Jersey