Audrey Scopilliti

City: Chicago
State/Country: Illinois
Zip/Postal Code: 60657
Phone: 773-677-6735
Article: The Avatar Course meets each person with respect and reverence and gives each person a set of tools for exploring and investigating their unique blueprint in consciousness.The training is simultaneously practical, powerful and absolutely profound.It's a training in the ultimate creative process; the process of how each human being is creating his or her life. It's simple. It's astounding. It's joyous. Even if you feel you have explored everything, there is something here for you.It takes you out of your mind and back into the feel of life. And it gives you a set of tools for operating in the world deliberately as the sovereign creator of your life.It restores harmony and hope and happiness. I invite you to explore the possibilities for yourself, for your family, for the planet. If you are interested in making a difference in the world, welcome home.I look forward to sharing the Avatar Materials with you. With appreciation, Audrey
Located in: Illinois