Patrick Kools

City: Utrecht
State/Country: Netherlands
Zip/Postal Code: 3737AH
Article: "The thing we have to solve is how to make care and compassion more valuable than self-importance and impermanent things. The ultimate solution is broadly awakening the enlightened mind of spiritual consciousness." - Harry Palmer What I particularly like about the Avatar Course is that Harry Palmer designed it to 'enable somebody to explore his or her own consciousness without telling them beforehand what to find'. There are so many courses, people and doctrines out there telling you 'what to do' and 'how to be' to lead a happy life, but the truth of the matter is: You are creating your own life, and your life is unique! The Avatar Course gives you the tools to explore your own consciousness, to discover for yourself what is working and what is not, and to take out those elements that stop you from being who and how you really want to be. What I also really like is the Mission of Avatar. As Harry Palmer writes in "The Avatar Path": 'There is a point where personal evolvement must go beyond self-examination into social responsibility'. The Course allows you to evolve into a wiser, more peaceful self and with that you contribute directly to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I feel that developing yourself to become wiser in your thoughts and more peaceful in your actions is a great contribution to the world that will have an effect on many levels - at home, in your work and for society as a whole. For the past 14 years I have delivered that Avatar Course worldwide. If you'd like to know more, or would like to do an (online) Info Hour to start your exploration, contact me at  
Located in: Nederlands