Monique Enhus

City: Brussels
State/Country: Belgium
Zip/Postal Code: 1701
Phone: +32475708529
Article: The reason why I did Avatar was because I thought there was more than what i was experiencing in life. Everything was ok, everything was "under control"...I started to worry about the future. What was my future? What was the purpose of life? During the Avatar Course I discovered that I tried to live through standards that were not mine. I learned to create new reference points and I gained the courage to start them up. The Master Course brought me in connection with the desire to give in all relationships. I've never thought I would be able to create a hamonious relationship, well I decided to go for it and it started to create. The Wizard Course brought me a fundamental understanding of who I really was. I could say goodbye to a lot of archetypes that defined me. I also made THE decision of my life. With a clear vison I saw who I wanted to be and what my life purpose was. The foundation was made. I could start to build. The Professional Course opened my heart. I've gained understanding about the resitances in my life and most of all, I could feel that I was able to love and I could feel the love around me. And lots of gratitude. So than came the desire to share this precious development with others. I started to learn to deliver the Avatar Course, to be in service to my family, friends, collegues, strangers... in a worldwide team! (As a child I wanted to go on adventure, travel a lot. Never thought I would travel so much. In consciousness and in the physical universe). It is a wonderful journey. I'm amazed how powerful the tools are. Harry Palmer says "Choose to use the tools". It's an everyday spiritual practise. I'm grateful for the tools and I would like to share it with you. It changes your life because you become finally you.  Feel free to contact me, see details above. Monique
Located in: Belgium