Michael Hill

City: Juno Beach
State/Country: FL
Zip/Postal Code: 33408
Phone: 2016692209
Article: I am an engineer by training and I thought I had life all figured out. But suddenly I found myself going through a divorce I did not want, and my life seemed out of control. I relapsed with cancer at the same time, and I felt like a victim. While treatment with chemotherapy put the cancer back into remission, I felt totally stuck in life, unable to attain closure on my relationship with my ex-wife. Nothing made sense, and as an engineer who prided himself on his ability to reason, I felt lost. When a friend mentioned Avatar as a possible way to help my situation, I immediately rejected it as some “New Age philosophy” that I simply wasn’t interested in. But when I got to see and experience for myself some of the Avatar exercises, including a free mini-course, I saw that Avatar isn’t a philosophy; it is a set of practical mind exercises that really work! Well, I did the Avatar Course in 2009 and it totally changed my perspective on life. Where I didn't see a choice before, I now frequently saw opportunities for choice. I realized that didn’t need for my ex-wife to apologize to me to gain closure, nor did I need to reconcile with her. But I did need to take personal responsibility for myself, and as soon as I did that, I gained the closure I so desperately sought. Avatar also helped me get in touch with the “feeling” side of me, the part of me that had been obscured by my endless thinking. As a result my mind calmed down, without endless hours of meditation, and I have gained the ability to be truly present when I am with others. Since that time I have been trained as an Avatar Master and I greatly enjoy sharing the skills that made so much of a difference in my life. If you would like to know more and perhaps experience some of the Avatar exercises yourself, please phone me at 201-669-2209.
Located in: New Jersey | Florida