Lars André

City: Göteborg
Zip/Postal Code: 412 53
Phone: +46 70 511 59 37
Article: I have been with Avatar since 1996 and in these years I have delivered several Avatars and spent 1000 of hours translating the materials to Swedish. It has been an awesome, but also sometimes a rocky road. I can say that I today from experience, know the full potential of the materials and in the processes of integrating the materials, it has become a part of who I am. A high point was when I in 2016 took my at that time 7 years old daughter through Avatar. It was amazing to experience the support we had from Star's Edge trainers, QMs and other Masters at the course in Orlando. It was never ending moments in grace, for most of the time. The loving support, I and my daughter received was just fantastic. And also it was a special moment to realize, that the fact that I spent all the time translating the materials (of course also together with other Swedish Masters) paid of in a way I had not foreseen, when starting the translation work a long time ago. Now my daughter could take the course due to the fact that we had the materials in Swedish. Later the same year and in the year after, my daughter attended also the Master Course, Professional Course and Wizards. My daughter could even read the Swedish material and do a proper initiatation on me, at the Master Course. That was special. She is now is a licecend child Master. The stage is set - I'm prepared, all the materials are translated, and I trust that my colleges in Holland and in US and in other places, are ready help us with the expansion of Avatar also in Sweden. I can say that I now with certainty know how consciousness works, and how it can be used to create a happy productive life, and Avatar is best tool I know, that create this mindset. Come and join us and learn the tools humanity so desperately needs, if we want se a more loving, peaceful and in every way possible, more sustainable world for our children and grand children, to live in. Call me for a free introduction hour, to buy the books in Swedish, or for any other information about Avatar and come with me to the International Avatar courses in Holland and in US.  With Love Lars Avatar Master/Wizard Tel nr +46 70 511 59 37 Göteborg 2018 -10 -08
Located in: Sweden