Erika Hona

City: Melbourne
State/Country: Victoria Australia
Zip/Postal Code: 3025
Phone: +61408265000
Article: I took the Avatar course in August 2006 in Auckland NewZealand. The best decision I ever made to really get on with my life. I was at a major crossroads and couldn't get any clarity on my direction. The first 2 days really woke me up and I finally could see and feel who I really was. I had no hesitation to do the Masters course soon after and really start changing things in my life and naturally wanting to help others to have these incredible tools in their life. It is an ever evolving journey and I am very much still learning so much more everyday as I have the tools to keep creating new experiences and handling anything that comes up in the moment. If you would like to have a chat and find out more for yourself I'd love to hear from you.     
Located in: Victoria