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Experience Avatar

Section I of The Avatar Course is also called ReSurfacing®. ReSurfacing is offered in an affordable 2-day workshop that contains information, demonstrations, and experiential exercises to awaken you to the unlimited possibilities of living deliberately.

You can experience three of the powerful exercises from ReSurfacing right now. Click on the players below and Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, will guide you.


Exercise 19 - This and That (2:33 long)

Objective: To demonstrate the effect of changing viewpoint.

Expected Results: Insights, increase in responsibility.



Exercise 26 - Expansion Exercise (2:59 long)

Objective: To convey an experience of expansion and integration.

Expected Results: Insights, reconciliation.



Exercise 17 - Compassion Exercise (3:11 long)

Objective: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.

Expected Results: A personal sense of peace.




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