Examining the Human Potential Movement and How The Avatar Course Is a Shining Example

Human Potential Movement

Right now more than ever, the world needs us to raise our self-awareness and individual potential. By doing this, we can promote the change that our planet desperately needs. If we can learn to realize our full potential, we will be rewarded with a lifetime of mental actualization and enlightenment.

A higher understanding of the self and the world around us is what the Avatar® course aims to achieve. By examining your individual belief system, we will help you alter the things you wish to change about yourself. Freeing you from the mental restraints that have held you back will help you achieve full self-empowerment. 

In order to fully understand the Avatar's goal, it may help to learn more about the roots of this type of life philosophy. The Human Potential Movement has heavily influenced the type of self-fulfillment taught by Avatar.

Let's examine this movement to get a better understanding of the Avatar's principle intentions.  

The History of the Human Potential Movement

The Human Potential Movement was developed in the 1960's to help individuals better understand the potential within themselves. This potential, once discovered, would allow a person to fully realize their purpose and live a more enlightened life. This realization can then be transferred to others and thus promote positive social changes in the world. 

The movement was not considered a religion, but a philosophy much like humanistic psychology. Its purpose is to unlock the potential of the human will and allow an individual to take more control over the outcome of their life. It also promotes a healthy and optimistic view of human nature and the physical world. 

A retreat center called the Esalen Institute was founded in 1962. It focused on teaching new ways of exploring the consciousness and promoting the awareness of potential. The institute became a key proponent of the Human Potential Movement.

This movement was rooted in humanistic psychology, which promoted self-actualization and the expression of an individual's full capabilities. This idea of self-actualization was made popular by Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy charts an individual's needs from basic, physical needs to achieving full self-actualization.

Maslow's hierarchy is still taught today. It is thought of as one of the most influential ideas regarding social constructs and human needs and desires.     

The demands and stress of everyday life have caused much of humanity to lose sight of the possibilities within. Over the years the movement and its teachings have allowed people to unlock and harness their own potential. Doing this has allowed individuals to fully express themselves creatively and emotionally. 

The Movement Today

The principles of the Human Potential Movement are still being used successfully today. Many people are taking advantage of programs like Avatar in order to find their full potential. They are also changing the way they approach their careers and goals.

As the movement spread to other parts of the world in the 80s and 90s, its concepts were used to promote professional advancement. Training programs that utilized the movement's techniques helped employees understand their creative potential. This allowed for higher levels of innovation in the business sector. 

The principles of self-actualization have proven beneficial to entrepreneurs seeking to unlock their creative potential. A stronger and more proactive sense of initiative and achievement is also attained through the movement's concepts.

Although the movement has come under attack over the years, many have used its principles to achieve self-actualization.

Be the Change

We all know the quote from Mahatma Gandhi, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." This quote has a direct connection to the Human Potential Movement.

Today, more than ever, the world is in need of change. By utilizing the principles set forth in the Human Potential Movement, we can both realize self-potential and spread it to others around us.

In many ways, we function by reacting to the outside world instead of co-creating. Our sense of potential is determined by the world around us. Instead, we must learn to take control of our own potential in order to positively influence our environment. 

The movement, which was created in order to open up the possibilities of the individual, also promotes the spread of potential to others. By reaching a higher state of self-actualization, we are becoming the change we want to see around us. 

The Avatar Course and Human Potential

The Avatar Course is very much aligned with principles of the Human Potential Movement. It is a great example of the longevity of the movement. The Avatar Course provides the guidance that helps align the individual with their goals in order to achieve higher self-potential. 

Simply by examining some of the objectives of each section of the Avatar course, we can see the close relationship to the movement. 

  • Section 1 or ReSurfacing® seeks to strip away the false ideas about yourself and the world around you. This step brings you to a closer awareness and prepares you for further realization of your potential.
  • Section 2 helps you to create your desired reality. It keys you into habits and ways of thinking that have held you back in the past. 
  • Section 3 teaches you to do away with those habits and realities and truly manage your existence. 

These steps seek to gradually introduce you to your own potential through self-awareness and enlightenment. In essence, this is what the Human Potential Movement was created to do. Avatar has taken the movement and applied its own technique to help individuals achieve a more fulfilling life.

Take Advantage of Your Full Potential

The path to self-empowerment is right in front of you. For many, it's a difficult road. The Avatar Course seeks to guide you on your journey. 

Our nine-day course was built using a step by step process that reshapes your vision of yourself and the physical environment around you. Our licensed Avatar masters will help align your thought process with what you want to achieve. 

Contact us today to learn more about Avatar and how we can help you find your full potential.

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