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Pillars_EngSeven Pillars of Enlightenment is a home study manual containing the seven Avatar mini-courses. These mini-courses are your opportunity to see and feel how empowering and easy the Avatar exercises really are. Take advantage of this chance to learn more about life and how you live it – experience a few of the Avatar exercises.

The mini-courses contained in the Seven Pillars of Enlightenment manual are available here as free downloads. Each mini-course explores different principle facets of enlightenment.



1. Awareness (Basic Attention Management)

2. Insight (Belief Management)

3. Determination (Basic Will Course)

4. Perspective (Creating Definition)

5. Compassion (The Forgiveness Option)

6. Integrity (Personal Integrity Course)

7. Alignment (Basic Life Alignment)


The Seven Pillars of Enlightenment workbook is available for purchase at The Avatar Bookstore. The Pillars book costs $35.00 and is currently available in eight languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.