Dear Harry,

Coming to the Avatar Course was a very awakening experience for me. At first I felt some resistance to these new ideas presented to me in class. I thought they were so simple yet they made sense. As I progressed I noticed some changes in me and in the ways I started feeling emotions. I knew they were there, but sometimes I let them go because I started to doubt myself or I put excuses in front of the feeling. Now I know that as a beautiful being I am in charge of myself. I am the one who creates what I want to create and feelings are a beautiful thing! I shouldn't be afraid of them or afraid to experience them.. I just have to let myself feel and believe in me, the wondrous creation that I am. The tools I have now will motivate me to increase my experiences when I choose to do it.

During the Creation exercises in Section II my body actually felt a surge of energy as I created myself as Source. I am the one who creates these feelings and it is a wonderful feeling to know who I am.

I sincerely appreciate these teachings and the beautiful people who are so caring and loving who guided me through this new journey. Thanks again for helping me to discover that feelings are my own creation and that I can go anywhere I want because there are no limitations in my life. God Bless,

Elizabeth Caldwell- USA

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