Dear Harry,

The Path of Avatar is an awakening not to be Missed. I decided to write this because of the profound difference Avatar has made to my life. Before the Avatar Course I didn't really know which way my life was going. I was pretty unhappy. I was in search of a way in which I could make a greater contribution with my life as I knew there was a lot more that I could do. I wanted to make a difference but most importantly I wanted to awaken others to do the same.

The best way to describe my life would be groundhog day. I would get up and experience the same turn of events day after day and never really accomplish the things that I had wanted to do. I just kept reliving the events over and over. It was like an eternal prison that you never knew how to get out of. Then something wonderful happened.

I came across the Avatar Course and as soon as I experienced the Avatar tools, I knew this was what I had been looking for. It was the answer to all my prayers. At first I had a lot of resistance to the Avatar tools and it was a struggle to let go of many of my preconceived ideas and notions about what my life was and how I was experiencing it. The drive in me to push beyond this was far greater and with much determination and courage I was able to begin reestablishing my life in a new way.

Avatar began to teach me so many things about my life. How it worked and why it didn't work and how to move beyond things that I thought were unimaginable. I began to grow and mature and see things in such a clear way that it was incredible to watch the transformation that began to occur. My life took on new meaning and I began handling aspects of my life very differently. The way I responded to people was different and as a result what I experienced began to change.

The biggest difference that Avatar made in my life was with the relationship that I had with my father. Avatar gave me the tools to be able to assist my father in his journey from life to death. A profound awakening happened for both of us as we let go of our time together. It was an incredible experience in which we were both able to share a presence that many would consider, not to exist.

Andrea Heal- New Zealand

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