The Avatar® Master's Integrity Course


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Honesty is a path that leads to happiness. Becoming honest is an act of self-renewal.

- Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials


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Living a life of integrity

The Avatar® Master’s Integrity Course trains you how to uncover sabotaging patterns and free up your creative energy to move forward with purpose and inspiration. It teaches the skills to become honest and take ownership of your life experiences. As impeding patterns are dissolved, you reconnect with your true self. You become more open and joyful. You are able to show up and take responsibility with greater ease. A person of integrity intuitively contributes to the world around them.



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Integrity means unimpaired condition, wholeness, entireness, purity, completeness.

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“The Integrity Course is so profound, deep and liberating. It is…beyond my expectations. Heart-felt and mind-blowing realizations. It helped me to see and recognize things I never did before.” - Irene T.


“This course is one of the most beautiful and practical courses. I really experienced turning my life around here. I really felt being source and staying in the perspective of source in this course, and it was really enjoyable for me.” - Leila S.




Look inside the course experience!

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 Some of the expected results:

  • Increase in personal responsibility (inner power)
  • Expanded, more flexible consciousness
  • Freedom from guilt, sadness or anger
  • Freeing of creative energy
  • Living life with greater honesty and authenticity.
  • Friendlier, more tolerant attitude toward other human beings
  • Restructuring of personal reality
  • Recovery of peace of mind and well-being
  • Restoring a sense of purpose
  • A better ability to identify a lack of integrity (in self or others)
  • Relief from resentment (improved mental health and self-esteem)
  • Insights into attacks and disagreements
  • Natural realignment to your ethical principles and your own values
  • Willingness to try new things and make mistakes
  • Enthusiasm to be a positive role model



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The only provisions you need are courage, honesty, and perseverance.

- Harry Palmer


The purpose of the Integrity Course is to provide experiential understanding of the power of honesty.

The step-by-step path leads to deep insight into the effects of decisions and actions. There is a natural awakening that realigns you with your own moral compass. As these personal values become clear, you gain the power to operate more harmoniously in the world and in your personal life and a freedom to pursue your higher goals.

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Becoming honest changes the world


“Honesty is a path that leads to happiness. Becoming honest is an act of self-renewal. When we summon the courage to take ownership of our experiences, to see them just as they are, to feel them, we will recover the blueprints of our lives. We will face our fears and find the transparent beliefs that create them. Becoming more honest with ourselves means introducing more honesty into the collective consciousness of the world, and this lays a foundation upon which an enlightened planetary civilization® can be built

The result of living honestly is feeling and sharing— compassion and empathy! There is a joy in willingly integrating with the consciousness of others. Attention and creative energies combine with a synergetic result. Networking and new opportunities present themselves. Relationships develop that are rewarding and provide a measure of security that no amount of money, power or fame can provide. Valid trust arises.” - Harry Palmer, Living Deliberately

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2 women talking and smiling





"I had a wonderful time with my group! I never noticed or addressed my discouragement so clearly before in my life. It was really nice to face it directly. I also had some fears of moving toward and asking for the things that my heart led me to. I could literally feel how my courage opened up and I could take more and more responsibility and be more confident." - Eszter N., Hungary


"I found relief and empowerment from discreating painful experiences and limiting beliefs/charges that were keeping me stuck and feeling discouraged." -Lorien H., USA


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  • Tuition - $550 USD
  • There are no free reviews for this course
  • Online / In-person depending on the network
  • 6 days / 4 hours per day for online courses
  • The course is led by the Star’s Edge Trainers
  • Hear talks by Avra Honey-Smith exclusively for the Integrity Course
  • Students work together small groups
  • The Avatar Master’s Integrity Course is offered to licensed Avatar Masters.


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"This Integrity course was especially relaxed, happy, and so enjoyable for me, almost like being immersed in spring water. I lightly cleaned up my issues around resistance, opposition, and cooperation. I can see my own unkindness toward others, integrate it, and go back to my conscience, back to inner peace! Avatar is so effective and powerful. The tools are so forgiving and compassionate."- Angela C.




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