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 The Avatar Course® is a powerful and speedily effective course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events that you experience as your life. The training offers practical tools to modify those things you wish to change. 

Since 1987, Avatar has experienced explosive world growth. Over 10,000 Avatar Masters are licensed to teach the course, and over 100,000 people have participated in Avatar Courses scattered in 153 countries around the globe. It is currently available in 24 languages.  

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Section I – The ReSurfacing® Workshop


ReSurfacing connects you to a more expanded awareness of how your beliefs affect your life. It is offered in a two-day workshop in person and online as a three-day experience. It is an individual experience in an informal group setting that allows for alot of interaction and sharing. You are personally guided by experienced Avatar Masters to ensure you get the best results from the 30 tools and exercises in the workshop.

Aspects of consciousness addressed:  Beliefs, Reality, Consciousness

The ReSurfacing workbook, Living Deliberately, The Avatar Path and Private Lessons are used during the workshop. You can purchase these books individually or in a specially priced package at our bookstore.

"Section I is for the intellect. It’s food for thought. It is intended to bring about an understanding and a connection with a broader arena of life."
– Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials



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Workshop Experience +

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

ReSurfacing is a new approach to these age old questions. You will find the answers by exploring the underlying structure of your own consciousness.

The ReSurfacing Workshop (Section I of The Avatar Course) produces insights into what Avatar is about and where it leads. It is presented by Avatar Masters in an informal group setting that permits lots of interaction and sharing.

Here you will experience a greater connection with and insight into the nature of personal reality. The exercises bring forth a you that transcends all the ideas you’ve imagined yourself or the world to be. This moment of transcendence, or resurfacing, is a glimpse into the realm opened by the Avatar materials. Welcome home.

Section I exercises take you behind the scenes of consciousness for a look at the blueprints by which you build your life. The journey results in an intimate connection with a deeper, more compassionate and aware state of self.

Section I is offered in an affordable 2-day workshop that contains information, demonstrations, and experiential exercises to awaken you to the unlimited possibilities of living deliberately.

ReSurfacing refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness. It is a process, paralleling nature, of revealing yourself to yourself. The rewards are new insights and realizations about how your life works—or why it doesn’t.

ReSurfacing is an expedition into consciousness that you personalize according to your own needs. How far you go is a matter for you to determine, and the truth you discover will be your truth.

The exercises will lead you to an experience of your personal study materials. These are the motives and principles that govern your existence. They are as unique as your fingerprints. Discovering them will take you to new places and new viewpoints that will dramatically broaden your comprehension of existence.

As you proceed you will become aware of your own creative power. It will surprise and amaze you. Should you choose to follow this power to its source, you will find a measureless sea of awareness extending beyond time, consciousness, and creation. Ancient companions wait for you (t)here.

The cost of Section I is $ 295.00 USD *

* USA pricing. Prices vary from country to country.

Excerpt from workshop +

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Excerpt from the book ReSurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness by Harry Palmer

ReSurfacing is a wake-up call! There are word lessons, and there are world lessons. A word lesson is an effort to convey an experience via spoken or written symbols. A word lesson can be informative or enjoyable or inspiring. A word lesson is an expression of someone’s belief. A word lesson can convey descriptions and instructions, but as far as experience, it is a pale substitute. A word lesson should not be confused with a world lesson.

A world lesson is something that you live through. It’s something you encounter and deal with in life. And from the world lesson you emerge changed, more experienced, wiser. A world lesson is an experience. It does not require translation into symbols or sounds for you to remember it. It becomes part of what you know, how you define yourself to yourself. A word lesson seldom has this impact.

Your study of ReSurfacing begins as a word lesson describing exercises and conveying instructions, but as you participate, it changes to a world lesson. The word lessons of ReSurfacing are insignificant compared to the world lessons you create by your participation.

When you combine the word lessons with world lessons, you achieve a moment of realization: so that’s how it works! Realizations increase your ability to broadly and creatively apply what you know.

Realizations compound. The more realizations you have, the simpler and clearer all things become. Realizations are the stuff of real wisdom.

For the two days of this workshop, put your outer cares aside and devote yourself to discovering yourself and resurfacing into the limitless potential that awaits. Prepare to experience your creation of consciousness and the physical universe in all its wonder. Enjoy the journey.


Harry Palmer on ReSurfacing +

HP17This Q&A is from the Avatar Journal, Volume IX, Issue 4. Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, explains the goal of The ReSurfacing Workshop.

Journal: Where did the title ReSurfacing come from?

If you’ve ever done any scuba diving, you probably know the exhilaration that occurs when you finish the dive and begin your slow ascent. A number of things happen during the ascent.

There is a natural relaxation as the pressures reduce, the light grows brighter, the sound of your breathing has a quieting effect on the mind. From below, the surface of the water is the limit of one reality. Resurfacing is at once a crossing over, a leaving, a returning.

I chose the title because of those feelings. The ocean, with its currents, secrets and depths, is an analogy for consciousness. The ReSurfacing processes are a path of ascent through the levels and currents of consciousness back into awareness.

Journal: What is the essential message of ReSurfacing?

 When a person does the exercises, magic happens and the essential message of ReSurfacing appears from within the reader. It is the personal experience of a new beginning.

People have forgotten how to make new beginnings. There are fewer and fewer new frontiers to immigrate to. Without new beginnings, there is only dying. This is what many people are doing daily. Dying. Sinking further and further into their own resisted creations.

Dying and resisting are the same process. It’s called suffering, and it’s not very effective except at creating solid particles. Life is in the other direction!


Section II – The Exercises


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Aspects of consciousness addressed: Creation, Perception, Experience

Section II of the course leads you to reconnect with an experiential awareness of your own existence and to recover the effortless ability to create personal reality.

"With the Section II materials, you start exploring. Little expeditions into the backyard of your consciousness. You practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life. It’s an opportunity to get your affairs in order before the big adventure begins."  – Harry Palmer


Description +

On Section II of The Avatar Course you practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are already experiencing in life. Section II clarifies and expands an extrasensory perceptual channel to the physical universe that you may already be vaguely aware of-extended feeling. This is a non-sensory feeling that does not require physical contact. It quiets the mind and dramatically enhances your sense of being.

Section II develops your ability to create a reality that you prefer. Deeper access to your own mental programming results in transformational realizations about why certain aspects of your life have fallen short and what you can do to correct them.You turn the part of self that was your worst enemy into a guiding friend.

Self-sabotaging beliefs are exposed before they can do you more harm. Stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness.

You learn how to experience reality without judgment, separation, or distortion.

Section II requires 4 to 5 days to complete, depending upon what is encountered.

The cost of Section Two is $ 500.00* USD.

* USA pricing. Prices vary from country to country.

What you will uncover +

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The following text is excerpted from the book Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar by Harry Palmer.

Question: Is it like meditation?

Harry: Yes and no. It produces the same type of mental stillness that meditation produces, but it does so in an interesting and much faster way. It’s like meditation in that it is about gaining mastery of the mind—allowing the mind to still—but Avatar does it playfully without the struggle or confrontation. It’s the difference between opening a safe by prying the door off or using the combination. Avatar is the combination.

Another exercise in Section II develops a skill in recognizing, creating, and changing judgments. This really begins to wake you up to the patterns in your life.

We experience what we experience in accordance with our judgments, which are the beliefs through which we filter our perceptions.  Two people may experience the same event quite differently.  For one of them it is traumatic and ruins their life; for the other it is inconsequential.  The difference is determined by the judgments the two people place on the experience.

The end result of this exercise is the ability to honestly relax judgment on anything being experienced. If you have been struggling with a body condition or a relationship, this exercise produces powerful realizations and turning-point experiences.

The final part of the Section II materials contains tools and exercises to remove barriers or blocks that you may have placed in front of your ability to create reality. We describe it as the most challenging experience anyone ever laughed through. It causes smile cramps in your face, increases your ability to create, and restores your control over existence.

Satisfaction Guarantee +

If you are not completely satisfied with the results you achieve in Section II, don’t go on to Section III. There’s nothing in Section III that fixes poor results in Section II. The Section II exercises are the exercises that help you create the ability to learn the powerful discreation technique in Section III. 

You are welcome to a full refund of the course at this point. Once you begin Section III, no refunds will be given.


Section III – The Procedures


Aspects of consciousness addressed: Identity, Beingness, Awareness

Section III of the course explores the foundational beliefs that create the universe and presents a simple and effective technique for managing beliefs. The technique is used in a series of rundowns to address conflicts, limitations, persistent conditions, and even pain.

 "With Section III you will become an expert on the solo Avatar procedures. Now you are ready to explore. With the solo procedures and the occasional assistance of a trainer or fellow student, you begin your explo­ration with the Avatar rundowns. Each rundown addresses an area of experiences, beliefs, or attitudes that may be interfering with your appreciation of life."
– Harry Palmer


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Description +

Section III is the main course. It begins with a guided initiation session conducted by an Avatar Master.

The initiation takes you on a tour of some of the most fundamental, transparent belief structures of consciousness. Transparent, because instead of seeing them, you see through them. The initiation experientially introduces you to procedures and tools that you can use to self-determinedly manage your life. Normally, it is an insightful and enlightening experience and may leave you in a euphoric state for some time.

Section III of The Avatar Course develops your ability to discreate realities that act as hidden reefs and barriers to your operation as source. An Avatar Master takes you on a guided initiation that introduces you to, and allows you to discreate, some of the most fundamental (and previously transparent) belief structures of the universe.

Next, you complete solo rundowns that permit you to address body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, limitations, persistent conditions, compulsions and (without words or argument) the beliefs of others.

When you are able to manage any aspect of your existence from a creator viewpoint, you have achieved the state of being called Avatar.

Section III requires 2 to 4 days to complete.

The cost of Section III is $ 1500.00* usd.

USA pricing. Prices vary from country to country.



Q&A With Harry +

HP19Question: How Does Avatar Work?

Harry: Doing the exercises of the Avatar Course produces a gradual increase in self-awareness. A natural outcome of this increased self-awareness is recognition of the reactive and unconscious factors that are negatively affecting your abilities, your relationships, your health, and your spiritual wellbeing. These factors can be identified and discreated. The result is a recovery of an ability to live deliberately—meaning the ability to determine your own beliefs and mental attitudes without being swayed by hidden influences. Discreation is more than a concept; it is a third level Avatar ability that functions flawlessly when certain other first and second level abilities are understood and practiced.

To discreate means to halt the production of a mental event; to turn it off; to cease creating it, to let go of it. It is a halt to an existing flow of energy rather than a new or opposing flow of energy.

(From the Avatar materials, Section III)

"It's yours and you're creating it, and then you decide you're not going to create it anymore and it is gone."

The Procedures +

The Body Handle Procedure
The first process is called Body Handle. It assists you in recognizing the beliefs that keep you identified with a physical body, and if you choose, show you how to function independently of a body. You experience yourself as a nonmaterial spiritual being. It produces effects similar to sensory deprivation tanking, but without the risk of isolation or panic reactions and much more quickly.

Body Handle also helps you to identify undesirable perceptions and sensations that you have actually been installing in the body. The illusion was that they were coming from the body. The result is that the body is no longer held out of alignment by injurious beliefs or judgments.

A fascinating, side effect of the Body Handle is the lucid, or controlled, dreaming that it produces. You learn to enter the dream state of consciousness without going to sleep. Some students have reported experiences of floating or flying and of exploring alternate dimensions.

The Limitations Procedure
The second process is called Limitations. Most people are aware that they say , ‘I can’t do this. . . I can’t do that,’ and then we wonder why they can’t do it.

Children’s stories talk about the little steam engine that thought he could, and the notion of positive thinking has been around for years. Well, this is a new look at the subject.

Here is where you can address the specific limitations that interfere with the goals that excite you and bring you to life.  You will probably not choose to handle all limitations, since some serve to focus your life.

The Identities Procedure
The third process is called Identities. Most people have a mental closet full of costumes that they carry around and project onto the people they meet.

When we get along well with people, it is generally because they are willing to wear the costumes we offer them, and we are willing to wear the ones supplied by them. But have you ever had someone put an identity on you that you didn’t want to wear?

When you perceive another person without any costumes, judgments, or belief filters, you perceive them as a spiritual being. It is a profoundly moving experience to purely perceive another being without any distortion. It is a compassionate space that some have called unconditional love.

The Persistent Mass Handle Procedure
The fourth process is called Persistent Mass Handle. It gently guides you into the most resisted aspects of your life. You can address desires, compulsions, persistent pressures, and pains that may have seemed beyond your control.  The first sessions of Persistent Mass are done with another person acting as a facilitator. This is a very powerful process and produces amazing, life-changing results.

The Universe Handle & Collective Consciousness Handle Procedures
The fifth and sixth processes are called respectively Universe Handle and Collective Consciousness Handle. You do these rundowns after you have resolved your own personal conflicts and wish to help the collective consciousness of life.

One of the ideas you create early in life is the idea of being someone. In fact, being someone is the experience of a belief.  If you take awareness plus a belief about being someone and put them together, you get an individual. You can stay an individual by creating more beliefs that separate you further from collective consciousness—or with the Avatar procedures, you can eliminate the beliefs that cause separation, and experience a collective consciousness.  You can change any beliefs that you may have that separate you from pure creative awareness—the Aware Will.

In the Universe Handle process, you learn that all things are connected at some level of consciousness. In a sense, there is no individual consciousness, only segments of collective consciousness. With this exercise, you work on locating the limits that prevent you from joining the collective consciousness and operating within it.

This obviously is a very high state of attainment, and students will vary in their ability and willingness to employ this technique.

The Ultimate Process
The last exercise is named The Ultimate Process. It is aptly named. It is guided by another person.

The whole course takes about nine days, depending upon you.


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