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“The mission of Avatar® in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems. When we perceive that the only difference between us is beliefs and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue."

- Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials



In 1990 Harry Palmer founded Star's Edge International® to manage and present his personal development programs that empower people to create peace in their lives and live deliberately. Based in Orlando, Florida, Star’s Edge oversees the well-being of the Avatar network, supporting over 30,000 Avatar Master Course graduates and over 10,000 licensed Avatar Masters worldwide. Star's Edge forwards the mission of Avatar by publishing the Avatar materials and facilitates advanced courses in groups both in-person and online.

The Avatar® Course - Star's Edge International - Avatar Headquarters
The Avatar® Course - Avatar Students Learning with Avra Palmer


The Avatar Courses are taught by Avatar graduates who are trained and licensed to guide students. The teachers are called Avatar Masters - meaning, they have mastery with the tools and processes of Avatar. Masters are licensed by Stars Edge and supported by Qualified Masters and Stars Edge Trainers, who teach all of the advanced courses.

The Avatar Master network grew out of the desire of Avatar course graduates to assist in the self-development training of new students. It has evolved into a global collaboration across regions and languages. Experienced and first time Masters work as a team to support students through their courses. This ensures that the quality of the Avatar training is consistent throughout worldwide networks. Masters come from all backgrounds, but their common purpose is a dedication to helping people gain skills needed to live a better life and improve the world.




The Star's Edge trainers support the Avatar Courses in their region of the world, ensuring the quality of student experience and success. The courses are available in 24 languages.


The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Pieta - Europe

Pieta v.d.H.

The Avatar® Course -  Avatar Trainers - Della - Taiwan, Hong Kong, China

Della Y.
Taiwan, Hong Kong, China

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Kathy - Americas

Kathy T.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Yuji - Japan

Yuji T.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Ilu - Korea

Ilu K.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Shona - Oceania

Shona M.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - John - United States

John P.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Audrey - United States

Audrey S.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Fatima - Brazil

Fatima N.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Patti - United States

Patti G.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Carine - Europe

Carine N.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Tonny - Europe

Tonny B.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Rich - United States

Rich B.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Sieglinde - Germany

Sieglinde S.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Isa - Germany

Isa L.

The Avatar® Course - Avatar Trainers - Susan - United States

Susan J.



The Avatar path is a series of self-development courses for anyone who wishes to accelerate their own evolution to higher awareness. Each course awakens a higher level of empowerment to deliberately create one’s own beliefs. Students find that in the absence of indoctrination and limiting beliefs, it is easy to connect with Harry Palmer’s message to love precious humanity. The ultimate goal is to awaken people to be their best and contribute in their unique way to a peaceful and cooperative enlightened planetary civilization.

ReSurfacing® and The Avatar Course (Section I - Section III) address one’s life and consciousness. Each person learns to uncover hidden self-sabotaging belief structures. The rundowns provide a step by step process to create empowering beliefs to transform one’s life into what each person envisions. ReSurfacing:Techniques for Exploring Consciousness and Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar are the first books that students work with on the course.

The Avatar Master Course is for Avatar Course graduates who have been invited to become trained and licensed Avatar Masters, whether to continue their own growth or teach the course. It expands an Avatar’s ability to interact successfully with other people in a way that is empowering for all. Students of this course gain mastery of the Avatar tools and skill in guiding Avatar students on their journey. 

The Avatar Integrity Course, The Avatar Professional Course, and Avatar Wizard Series (formerly the Wizard Course) are advanced courses available to Avatar Masters.




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