Dear Harry,

Thank you for supplying the tools to reach a hard nut like me! I came in to The Avatar Course with a lot of resistance and mistrust. I started off just to look at what my partner was doing and wasn't going to go past Section I,  ReSurfacing.

Something told me I should look further, so I joined my partner in New Zealand on the third day of the course. The processes brought up lots of stuff that I thought I had well and truly buried. I'd wanted it to stay that way but realized that to make progress I needed to keep going.

The New Zealand course was a blast and we met so many great people from all over that will be friends for life I'm sure. I'd made the decision to keep going on my terms, but a light came on at the end of a long day, after breaking through some barriers ,that were all someone else's fault (HA!). Wow! I learned I needed to keep going and really start getting to be the person I want/need to be.

The Master Course in Orlando is booked and I look forward to continuing this amazing journey. Again I thank you and your amazing dedicated crew! Kind regards,

Robyn Metcher- Australia

Can love myself and be generous to others!

Dear Harry,

I feel honored that I can live a new life through this Avatar Course. I'm proud of myself. It felt miraculous that every object and the universe was created by me. The biggest gains from the course is that I can love myself and be generous to others! Thank you,

Lee hye Jeong- USA

How to love and to express love

I have tracked back in my life through this Avatar course and learned to live happily and wisely. I could acknowledge everything doing the first perceptual exercise I learned in Section II, and really found myself through the exercises in Section III. I learned how to love and to express love. I developed a compassionate mind. Thank you. - Lee woo Jin, Korea


Moving forward together
 When I first took The Avatar Course something terrible had just happened in my life. Now as I move forward towards the Master and Wizard Courses, my life has begun to move and I am getting the life I had hoped for. Now my partner has begun to connect with Avatar and we will take responsibility for our pasts and move forward together. Thank you!  T.W.- Japan


Restructure Consciousness


When I first started Avatar in 2006, I was very backwards and inside out in the way I related to people. It amazes me that it is possible to restructure consciousness with the Avatar tools, but with a lot of work with the Avatar tools over time, I did just that (and still am). My presence and orientation with people has shifted in ways that are very palpable to me. I have grown tremendously with Avatar, and am thankful for the opportunity.

One quality that has come up recently is that instead of being filled with integrity issues, resistance and fear when I relate to authority figures, I can now identify with them with appreciation and compassion. It is very sweet to connect with understanding, appreciation and kindness for their skill and service.

I was working through the Forgiveness Mini-Course today, and I love the feel of the materials. It feels like you are speaking directly to me, and I am with you for every word and every idea. Just as it would be a mistake to read the materials without doing the exercises, it would also be an error to do the exercises without the reading. It carried me along into greater compassion and understanding. Your feel through the materials, the courses, and the ever present love of the network inspires me to rise into the greater purpose through Avatar. We come in as students tangled in patterns and unaware of ourselves; and for those who continue to on this path, we grow up into our broader purpose for being in this world at this time. Thank you for your leadership and extraordinary wisdom.

Tracy Robert- USA

Connection with Queen Maxima

Dear Harry,

I send this with all respect to the Avatar materials, which enabled me to be in connection with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and many other people at the recent opening of a Home for people experiencing cancer. The home was opened so they can come and share their experiences.

Following our conversation during the opening, I wrote a letter to the Queen, strengthened by the Compassion Cards, sharing my appreciation for her involvement with the home. I included Compassion Cards in 4 different languages and shared about the Compassion Project. I regard her as a person fulfilling her task with compassion.

Through her personal advisor I received a letter from the Queen appreciating my letter and the Compassion Cards. She also sent wishes for lots of success in this work.

What a wonderful experience! Thank you!

Marion van denEijnden- Netherlands

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