Dear Harry,

Just completed the Avatar Course! Feel amazing, loved the experience and feel so much gratitude to all who attended, Coaches, Trainers, Qualified Masters and Students. My life has deepened and I look forward to experiencing a lot more!

Richard Hawkins- New Zealand


Dear Harry,

For me it has been a long way until I became an Avatar. As I look back things seem trivial, but there were tough creations and I wanted to quit. I am glad I kept on going! Once I experienced being Source it was interesting to see that everything seems okay no matter what happens. Being Source is mysterious. What is that comfortableness? How luxurious it is that you can feel in Heaven being alive!

Harry, you are an interesting man. I appreciate that you developed Avatar.

Thank you very much.,

Michiko Fukui- Japan

Hi Harry,

"In the beginning...." Ha ha! All of my resistance did have a point because, by gosh, I did need to clear some crap. But, boy, did it feel good afterwards and Avatar feels so right! I feel like I have been initiated "into" life. I now have the skills to play the wildest game ever, armed with limitless possibilities and endless love. The switch has been turned "on" and I'm in! It's so Yum. I feel incredibly grateful.

The importance of dealing with my secondaries is immense. Going out into the world radiating my secondaries adds to world confusion and a twisted web of confusion. If we continue to deny and claim that we have no connection with wars and catastrophes they will continue a bit like a snowball effect.

Only once personal responsibility is found ( however small or large) and we are able to acknowledge it in ourselves, from this viewpoint change can happen (awareness). It is at this point that we can decide to feed either positive or negative to the creation. Thank you!

Monica Anderson- USA



I came to the Avatar Course with the desire to experience the true being. I was pursuing this goal for several years now. Experimenting with mind/brain technologies such as light and sound machines, EEG devices, etc. For the last few years I was "thinking"(smile) how to become nothing, undefined being.

The Avatar Course took me deep into my experience of mind and then took "me" beyond existing as mind to become an experience of being. I stop existing as defined "Human Being". I am being. I am the Source.

Denis Burykin- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

Well where can I start from? It's been a great journey! There were ups and downs, feeling angry at times knowing I was resisting something. It's all so clear to me now. The Avatar Course put me back on the track I was always looking for in my life. The way I think now is so clear and sharp, with no judgement at all. I feel like a computer that has erased the hard drive! I'm ready to take in positive information.

People ask me "How is the Course?" All they can see is my face smiling back. That's all they need to see to start wondering and knowing the course must be amazing. The Avatar Course made me realize not to be selfish about it, but to share the best experiences around to help people. Thank you very much for sharing your tools with me. Thank you, you have changed my life! I'm looking forward to the Master Course.

Marcus Muzaferovic- Australia


I am attending the Avatar Course. Because of you and this course I can know the way of healing my mind. Before this course I got easily irritated and difficult. After this course I can understand others and realize who I am. I thank you for this and again thank you for making me able to change. Best regards,

Yang Jae Hun- Korea

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