Wow! What an amazing day! It is now day 6 of my Avatar Course. Up until this point I have been resisting change all the way. Today I had some major breakthroughs and released some negatives emotion that I have been holding onto for 25 years. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel connected with the real me.

I have just created a brand new primary that the Master Course will change my life. I filled in the registration form and will be flying to the United States in 16 days time. I am so excited, I get goose bumps just thinking about it!!

I have done personal development courses and seminars for more than 5 years. None of them come close to Avatar when it comes to realizing limiting beliefs and creating awareness.

Brad Cusworth- Australia

Dear Harry and Avatar friend,

When I came here everything was cloudy, in my head as well as in my life. Thanks to this Avatar Course I've gotten new insights, new perspectives and new motivation. Insights into things,creations, identities I was creating! Since almost a year now I didn't feel like I was present when I was home with my dear wife and children. I was there, but that's all there was.

On Tuesday evening I had the first talk with my wife this whole year where I felt present, I felt attention and I was with her! With tears in my eyes, I sat there realizing what I had done, but also with the feeling "I'm back!" Not back in the past, but to the future. Thanks to the many Avatar Masters and friends who helped me opening my eyes. Thanks for not responding, thanks for putting me with my feet on the earth. Thanks for helping me find my old friend me!

Niels Groot Nibbelink- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

Oh my gosh!! I have just received an Initiation Session starting Section III from a Master and WOW! The discreate process has and will continue to change my life. My gratitude to you is infinite and I appreciate you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will be going to the Master Course in a few weeks in Florida. I really hope I meet you there. I feel that Avatar is my future. I have always wanted to dedicate my life to helping  people. What other more fulfilling thing could I choose to do with my life? My belief is "Nothing!" With a big smile I hope to meet you soon. love,

Hana Coulston- New Zealand

Hi Harry,

Well! What a story I have for you. I have known about Avatar for about three years through a friend. She always tried to sway me around into going to Avatar as a tool to give up smoking. Of course I resisted! I obviously was not ready to quit smoking. I did quit though. That took courage and I feel great for doing it!

I won't bore you with my minor victim hood, but my doctor said to me not long ago that not many people have been through the trauma I have experienced. I know we all have our own stories but let's just call me "Mrs. Resistant Plus+!"

My Husband had done the Avatar Course and recently the Master Course in Florida. I noticed a change in him, then discovered he had met another woman while traveling and he had fallen in love! Oh my goodness!

We had already booked into doing the Avatar Course a few months later in Australia. After the normal Tantrums/Dramas/Hissy fits, etc. he said to me "The only thing that will help you/us is if you go to the Avatar Course. We were taking our depressed 16 year old ( she has written to you) as well as our 12 year old. And one hysterical 46 year old Mother (me).

I had a few changes through my ReSurfacing. I felt like an unbroken horse, next I felt like a wild Rottweiler without a chain. Then I felt like a kid about to be executed. I had my heels firmly planted in the earth and I wasn't budging even though I had a marriage to save! I resisted, I kicked, I screamed, I hurt. And then miracles upon miracles, I began to listen to you. You are clever Harry! I even felt connected to you during the DVD's. You started to intrigue me.

Slowly the barriers began to break down. Due to the love and care from all the Masters and students, I don't know how, but all of a sudden I became a fluffy miniature horse, a cute puppy and started finding my courage. I clicked...finally! Only after all that pure resistance though, I was the only one crying walking in and crying walking out. My kids were mortified to see Mum so helpless. Then the seed started to sprout.

Harry, what really set me off was Section III. The Initiation and the discreate tool was so profound that it was just like giving birth. Honestly! I felt great! Alive! Free! Confident! Happy! Not resisting! Everyone saw the change. Wow!

That was my start, the seed was growing. Under the superb guidance of the Masters and Trainers I came alive. Then the Rundowns of Section III. Bring it on! This is great! Then, oh, my goodness,  oh, my God,  oh, my Harry, it all came together. What Power! These exercises connected with me being Source.

Harry, not only have you saved me, my marriage and family, you have delivered a gift that I will happily continue to deliver. I will be a Master and I can already feel my lounge full of students. Yep. Totally what I said I would not create, I have and will create. My husband is "Gob Smacked" by my turn around. I have re-scheduled my blueprint and I love the new me. Yippee! Masters here I come with my Daughter and Son.

My daughter had suffered from depression after a glandular fever episode. To see her face start to open up, to see her eyes start to twinkle is so, so reassuring. Thank you.

My son finished the course early and returned home to take a math test he had missed in school. He had always had the primary to beat his best mate in math. Although he hadn't studied for this test, he not only beat his mate, he got a 98%. Then they ask him to sit for a problem solving exam for the University. In 47 years only three people had gotten 100%. He became the 4th. A miracle! All that free space and look what happened. He said to me "Mum, I didn't know I had it in me."

Harry and Avra, thank you, thank you, thank you! Avater is a great way for people to turn into love, peace, compassion, kindness, etc.  Aroha nui ( Maori for loads of love) Harry!


Linda Carlston- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

After completing Section II of the Avatar Course I feel a new lightness in my life. I was able to identify obstacles and doubts that have kept me from living the life I want. I also created new intentions as primaries which opened my heart and mind. I am so looking forward to Section III of the course! Thank you,


Dear Harry,

I had a doubtful mind in the beginning of my Avatar Course. As I was learning, I was testing with my mind. I got bored and annoyed with that. During Sections II and III, as I repeatedly practiced,  I experienced the objects became clear and detailed during the feeling exercise starting Section II. It was an amazing experience to begin to feel. Like taking an image with a digital camera from low resolution to very high resolution.

When I moved into the creation exercise I began to feel an energy that I can do something! The exercise is very impressive. It is a great way to let people live as they want to and heal people of negative aspects! During Section II I felt my childhood serenity.

In Section III when I found some resistance I was able to use the tools on the beliefs creating the worry. With my intuition I could feel that everyone should have these experiences. At the end of the course I used the tools to discreate an unpleasant sense of my body. I felt it fully without resistance and really felt that being gradually disappear. It was amazing!

I felt like Avatar was a big adventure for me to lead a new way. I will enjoy and explore this adventure.

J-S.B.- Korea

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