Hello Harry and Avra,

I just finished the Avatar Course. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I always knew I had more to do in this particular life. I just didn't know what it was..until now! Enlightened Planetary Civilization my energy is going into you! Peace and Love to you both,

Ollie Richardson- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

I was wondering what to write to you. My head is so empty, no thoughts. However I am in service to others and I am creating so maybe that is my big win on this Avatar Course. No thoughts just love,

Tiny DeBruin- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

Thank you for your wonderful teachings, the talk yesterday, the materials and the Sangha you created for all us very fortunate beings. It is a gift to be here recommitting to the mission of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization, the ancient-future agreement and to be here-now participating in creating a field of appreciation that broadcasts everywhere and permeates everything. This is the elixir that transforms consciousness and creates the miracle of new possibilities. I am sending you my deepest gratitude for the gift of participating and for your loving example. I love you so.

Linda Waters- USA


Dear Harry,

I am at the International Avatar Course. I felt that the consciousness of the students was expanding with high speed and an Enlightened Planetary Civilization was getting close. I felt the progress of the course growing and the students getting connected with the materials and began to operate them. Though the amount of students is big, they seem to be taken care of carefully. They were feeling the inspiration and decided to move forward to the Master Course. It was awesome. I felt the power of the course. Everyday we could enjoy your DVD's and the sharing of the students. I would like to become an Avatar Master that can share this movement with as many people as possible. Thank you, Harry.

Momoyo Kinoshita- Japan

Hi Harry,

I like your laugh! In your DVD's it's kind of disarming and endearing. I love a man that gets so much pleasure from a sense of humor. But back to me, this is my story after all.

I had thought that all my breakthrough work was done during ReSurfacing. I felt fresh and invigorated. You know what? It didn't hurt that much at all. I had been told I would face some insights and truths but the ReSurfacing had only raised mild pain about my back story and a shrug of the shoulders with an "Oh well!" That was a relief and I was happy we wouldn't be going back there again. Whew, that was a close call. Imagine if I really took the lid off the well. Then came those Walks for Atonement. For 48 hours I was walking into a wall of resistance and denial. I was even doubting I could feel anymore, my mind was a washing machine and my heart the clothes inside the spin cycle.

Then the simplest of pushes. Take responsibility for the hurt, my feeling of victim hood and the result of the actions on others. Ouch. The lid was off the well and I was hauling up bucket after bucket of realization and remorse from inside myself. This was suffering I had been carrying around in me every moment! The Walk for Atonement allowed me to relieve that suffering and it was liberating. I was done. Or was I?

The real heavy lifting for me came in Section II. Releasing the judgement on myself and others exposed my feelings of righteousness toward myself at the expense of others. How could others stack up against that? How could I?

After mopping myself up off the floor I realized something. "Hey, I can feel! Hey, everyone, I can feel! It feels good."

Thanks to all the Masters and coaches who patiently, without judgment, helped me get to my moment of realization. Thank you,

Zeljko Basic- Australia

Dear Harry,

Now I have completed the Avatar Course! With a lot of support I could become an Avatar. How can I express these feelings? My mind is very, very quiet and warm. Everything is infinite and possible. I have conviction that peace is not something we pray for, but we realize.

I hope many people share my experience during this nine- days. I would like to convey the greatness of living as Source to many people. Harry, I thank you for many realizations. I am looking forward to meeting you at the next Master Course.

Yoshiko Watanabe- Japan

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