Dear Harry,

I just wanted to say thank you for the network of support and inspiration you have created so that we can all move forward together and stay awake. Many times I have resisted the absolute care, compassion and appreciation of others who are supporting me, but then, when I let go of that I am SO grateful that they didn't let go of me, and continued supporting through whatever I was going through. Thank you ,also , that you have kept your attention on the goal of creating EPC and also kept going through whatever. The level of stability that creates and flows out to us all is so amazing and such a new experience coming from a life that lacked stabilty and consistency. Thanks so much, my heart is full with appreciation for You and the Sanga. Much love,

Judy Grayson- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

Thank you for giving me the tools I need to get rid of all the things from my past that were holding me back and showing me how to create the future I want! May you be happy and well,

Jason Dickison- Australia

Dear Harry and Avra,

To actually step back and realize that this very familiar, very painful experience with others is not what they are doing to me and something I must endure, but in fact is something I myself am creating, that it is a projection, is quite shocking! It is really like I have received and electric shock. My hair is standing on end and my mouth is gaping. Now it will be the using of these tools that will fix up my hairdo and shut my mouth and get me moving with gratitude and amazement into a whole new way of existing. A happier, more available, me! With love and gratitude,

Gabby Greig- Australia

Dear Harry,

I've had so many gains, realizations, feelings, connections, and Aha's. I'm filled with Awe, wonder and gratitude. Thank you for giving us the tools and mission that make life worth living! I keep feeling more grateful and more aligned, over and over. Thank you forever from my heart,

Fiona Campbell- Australia

Dear Harry,

The Avatar Course has set me back on track! It gave me a clear view of my goals. I am me and I am not all of my beliefs. I am aware and was able to make a party of this course and will do this as well for the rest of my life!

Trudie Huitema- USA

Dear Harry,

I just had the most profound experience while working on an exercise in Section II of the Avatar Course. I totally felt my connection in compassion with everyone. While feeling into people and exploring changing my opinions and perceptions I felt a closeness and an amazing feeling of "we are all the same". It really touched my heart. I felt so much joy, tears and laughter. Such an amazing feeling! Much gratitude to you for all your teachings,

Richard Hawkins- New Zealand

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