Dear Harry,

I participated already in many workshops, but this experience surpassed anything that I experienced before. For me, Avatar is the practical aspect of the Abraham teaching. What is/was missing up until now! Furthermore, I have not yet experienced so much love and clarity at a seminar. And I know this is because of the presence of all the Masters. I myself experienced a dramatic transformation.

And thank you, Harry, for being a ‘ regular guy’. And not a ‘ guru’. With much respect, love and gratitude,

Rienhard Paytz-USA

Dear Harry,

My husband agreed to come to ReSurfacing only! I think he really came to see what I’d gotten myself into. Ha! He got so many insights that he decided to stay and take the rest of the course. Now he has signed up for the Masters Course. We’ll be re-creating our marriage. In Gratitude,


Dear Harry,

As I was coaching another new Master one morning, she shared with me in her broken English. She said “ I did not know we were going to become Angels.” My eyes teared, my heart expanded. Thank you,

Ron Saenz- USA

Dear Harry,

I am attending my International Avatar Course. Today there is something I want to share. This morning I realized that the exercises we learn in Section II, developing the ability to percieve, is a present for me and others. I was afraid of 'feeling'. But now I know it is a wonderful gift. Now I will enjoy feeling everything. I want to say thank you for you and the Master that was my coach when I realized this. I love you Harry,

Yasuko Abe- Japan

Dear Harry Palmer,

I Thank you and Joy Devlin for keeping in touch with me and dropping me crumbs of wisdom; to sustain me and guide me to my blessed destiny of unity with spiritually "like-minded" people. It is more like the people that were always with me, and every new attraction, is what I needed to experience, yet remain detached from.

Spiritual empowerment has arrived for me. With you and God I created the life I want. Peace, love and blessings to you all. Money was never really my priority because I never believed it would solve my problems, or be my happiness. After all, the ‘All’ led me to you, or created you to help me and those like me.

Annette Buchanan Phillips- USA

Dear Harry,

My heart is bursting with gratitude to be some small part of this amazing team working together to bring hope, happiness and inspiration to the planet. I have been using the Walk of Atonement exercise heaps this week and realised how much hostility I had buried within and being able to release it is such a relief and has had instant results in my relationships. I feel like there is a huge light within, getting brighter and bursting out in happiness. Thank you again for the privilege of having these tools to work with in our own lives and to offer to others too. With much love and gratitude,

Judy Grayson- New Zealand

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