Dear Harry,

I just sat next to a man here at the Avatar Course with me. He had the clearest blue eyes. When I asked how his day was going, he said, with an Arkansas accent , “Perfect. This is just perfect for me. If I had been asked to create something before, it would have been about a fat bank account or a new car. It wouldn’t have been about other people. This is the most perfect thing I have ever experienced so far.”

I encouraged him to write you, but he was reluctant and asked that I do so. When we parted I said I would write his words to you. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment. With much love and appreciation,

Janie Corrine- USA

Dear Harry,

I’ve been intending to write you for many days as I experienced incredible insights and connection to source each day as the Avatar Course progressed. To give you and idea of how powerful it’s been, I registered for the Masters Course and Wizards Course on my second day! You cannot imagine the joy when I realized I had finally found what I had been looking for my whole life and where other attempts and explorations have been found lacking, Avatar is delivering on it’s promises moment-to-moment and I am grateful.

I had my initiation at the beginning of Section III last night and wanted to share my experience with you. The depth of the silence and expansion became profound as we moved through the processes. I discovered it was so effortless. I felt that I was experiencing pure awareness. My mind was still and I was filled with tremendous love, compassion and gratitude that moved me to tears.

Thank you from the depths of my being. I was told you would want to know that I perceive the world in 3-D now! James Cameron eat your heart out!

Jennie Lee- USA


This is the best day ever for me! And it was created with your help. Thank you,

Larry Reed- USA

Dear Harry,

Having done Avatar almost 20 years ago, I was peripherally aware( could remember) success with the tools, but they were illusive now. And although I couldn’t quite believe the claims made by many Avatars I know, I could see the inner joy, serenity and creations appearing in their lives.

So here I am! I am reviewing the Avatar Course. I’ll be a full fledged Avatar in about another day…though I surmise I never really was for these past 20 years.

This experience is much more meaningful then my first time. While I have been on a personal and spiritual growth path these many years, the tools you have created are substantive and can guide me more quickly to the space I want to be.

Total mastery of the tools may take more integration, but I can already feel their power in my heart, mind and soul. And I feel a new reverence for all that is seen and unseen.

Much gratitude,

Bonnie Salamon- USA

Dear Harry,

I’m amazed to have found this new light in my life. It is exactly what I desired. I have found what I like to do. I love to help others and I’ll continue until the end. The compassion and the feel of humanity sharing and helping each other has filled my heart deeply. This is the best experience that we all need in our lives. I thoroughly support that we need to create an enlightened planetary civilization. Harry you are a beautiful guide for all of us. You are great. Thank you for all that you have done to bring me back to awareness. If there is any way to pay back, I am in!

Sara Portillo- USA

Dear Harry,

After my Avatar Course, I finished sections one and two, I made an amazing discovery when I came home. I am an opera singer and the first day after I came back I decided to practice. Guess what? I could hit notes much higher than ever before. Something I had decided was impossible, some limit that I had put and was no longer there! This result turned out to be permanent. It feels like something has been freed up, even without creating this as a specific result. What a nice side-effect!

Now I can’t wait to see and discover what other side effects will appear after each step I take on the Avatar path!

Van Puyvelde Bianca- Belgium

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