Dearest Harry,

I wrote you several times in March when I was doing the Avatar course in Orlando. I finished up here in Denver. I'm signed up for the next Master course and also registered for the next Wizard course. My life is totally changed thanks to the awakening I've had from working your material.

I no longer smoke pot and watch TV. I'm busy all the time. Life had a new meaning after I had a liver transplant, but nothing like this. When I was dying from liver disease my brain quit working and all I could do was feel. But I didn't know how to use that. After the operation I just went right back to where I was. Now I can feel everything, the very essence of the universe. it expanded before my very eyes. I can now live by my own morals, which I never did before. Everything is better Life, sex, no more desire for drugs, no more lying. I can truly be me.

Sending compassion to others is so awesome. Thanks so very much for sharing this with me and the world .Your Friend,

 Robert Page-USA

Dear Harry,

I came to the Avatar Course with some very painful creations that I believed were beyond my ability to effect.

Oh! After only a week I totally see how and why I was creating them! Thank you for these tools, which allow us to recover our attention and create living deliberately.

Melody Lebaron- USA

Dear Harry.

I just finished mt Avatar Course. I experienced tranquility and harmony in my mind. I also learned the importance of mind through this course. I am grateful for my Master, the other Masters and everyone related with Avatar. Thank you,

Ryasuke Hosoi- Japan

Dear Harry and Avra,

I just want to share a magic moment I had yesterday. I am stretching to be at The Wizard Course and inspire my buddies, who have not yet done Wizards, to be there too. I could not see how I could create this, having just come back from Integrity and all sources at their limit. Yesterday morning I was feeling discouraged, again, and decided ENOUGH of sitting in this and the idea came to me to put ALL of my free attention on doing the Compassion Exercise with attention on the buddies I would like with me at Wizards. One hour later another idea came to me to go to the bank. So I just went, said what I wanted and they gave me what I needed without any questions. Wow!

It took me till later in the day to realise IT WAS THE COMPASSION EXERCISE that had created the money. I had no attention on money at the time, all attention on being in service to others. My heart just burst with gratitude. Amazing. Also, everyone I have had to notify so far , 2 managers, the bank, work mates, have been cheering me on, more certain of my success in getting there than I felt. I am certain they are feeling, at some level, what this offers the planet and I have high intention to share it with them more effectively so they can have this experience too. Thank you so very much for just keeping going, never giving up and for these exercises that are allowing so much possibility in my life and on the planet. See you soon. Much love,
Judy Grayson- New Zealand

Dear Harry,

I have been very fortunate to be have been able to complete Avatar, Masters and Wizards over the past 18 months. It has been an amazing journey to say the least.

When I completed my original Avatar course in New Zealand in April 2009 one of the primary goals I set was to meet my original birth parents as I was adopted at birth and then moved from the UK to Australia when I was 3 years old. I had always been interested in finding out more about my biological history but had run into many obstacles.

I am proud to say that after almost 40 years on this planet I met my father, brother and sister in the UK last week. It was an amazing experience and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Thank you Harry. I would never have achieved this without the Avatar tools.

Kind regards,
J.D.- Australia

Hello Harry,

I am a young Avatar Master. I am a teenager. In the Avatar Course I earned confidence. Thank you for that. Ah!! Thanks you so very much for creating Avatar. I will come to the Wizards course and I will definitely take a picture with you there. Thanks to you I can now like the friends I hated before! My school grades are much better than before I did Avatar too. Thank you!

K.Y.J.- Korea.

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