Rebuilt our marriage

I use the tools regularly and in the 10+ years since I first took Resurfacing and all the courses up though Wizards (and two wonderful internships!), my wife and I have rebuilt our marriage, launched two highly successful sons on the world, changed careers, started a new business and I've taken up ultra-marathoning!  I'm attempting a 50 mile race! - Warren N., USA

I feel so free

This was the best week of my life. I was able to uncover so many beliefs in my life and resolve them with these wonderful tools. Suddenly, I feel so free and light. So much free attention that I can now use for myself and my tasks in the world. - Nora P., Germany

New Skills

What made The Avatar Course valuable to me was the opportunity to feel better, the opportunity to feel and experience a shift in consciousness/awakening, and the opportunity to learn new strategies or skills for handling what wasn't working and to create what I believed what would work better. It was valuable because these were qualities and skills that I was not learning or experiencing elsewhere but wanted to acquire. - Tracy R., USA

My life purpose

What I had learned before I came my possibilities so strongly. At the age of 29, for the first time in my life, I was able to find my life purpose...Today my true life journey begins!  - Kenyu Y., Japan

A valuable realization

I was able to really see how fixed my way of thinking was, and it was deeply valuable. I am excited to think I can keep using these tools in my life into my future!  - Y.H., Japan

The power to change everything

I'm so full of energy, but in such a peaceful way that I have never experienced before. Now I really feel the power to change everything about my life I want to! - Dorottya K., Hungary

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