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Enlightened consciousness

Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.

—Adyashanti, American spiritual teacher, author, speaker

Enlightenment is defined as "the state of having understanding"; consciousness as "the state of being aware." 

Enlightened consciousness, then, is a phrase that might be interpreted as "the understanding of awareness." The term—and the philosophy itself—carries infinite layers of meaning. Each layer adds depth, nuance, shades of meaning that vary among individuals.

The definition varies because each of us is a spark in an infinite universe, unique and shaped by our experiences.

But it is also true that our Selves (intentionally capitalized!) are interconnected in a cosmic weaving beyond comprehension.

That very incomprehensibility forms the path to awareness of the infinite. It's a journey of spiritual growth that fundamentally changes who you are.

Because the journey inward and the resultant expansion of consciousness are inherently individualized, let's examine some of the commonalities, some of the sights, and some of the rewards.

Let us seek not the what but the how and why. Then you can decide if you're ready for an awakening like nothing you've ever experienced.

Fear nothing.