Human Potential Movement

Right now more than ever, the world needs us to raise our self-awareness and individual potential. By doing this, we can promote the change that our planet desperately needs. If we can learn to realize our full potential, we will be rewarded with a lifetime of mental actualization and enlightenment.

A higher understanding of the self and the world around us is what the Avatar® course aims to achieve. By examining your individual belief system, we will help you alter the things you wish to change about yourself. Freeing you from the mental restraints that have held you back will help you achieve full self-empowerment. 

In order to fully understand the Avatar's goal, it may help to learn more about the roots of this type of life philosophy. The Human Potential Movement has heavily influenced the type of self-fulfillment taught by Avatar.

Let's examine this movement to get a better understanding of the Avatar's principle intentions.