There has never been a better time to focus on personal growth. People around the world are taking responsibility for their own lives and making the changes required to achieve their personal goals.

And as culture shifts to one that is more experience based, the need for positive experiences in development have changed as well. Individuals know they need assistance and support when making a change but aren't always sure where to turn to get the help they need.

That's where The Avatar® Course comes in. Designed specifically with each individual's personal goals in mind, the practice has helped people around the world change their lives. 

Thinking about a change? Here are 7 reasons Avatar might be perfect for you:

self motivation definition

You need to be 100% clear on the self motivation definition if you're ever going to achieve it. 

Most self motivation definitions you find out there miss the mark. They talk about the ability to find strength within yourself, without help from anyone. True, but where does that strength come from?

True self-motivation is being motivated by what you REALLY want. That may seem like oversimplifying it, but it's not.

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