10 Ways Your Hidden Negative Beliefs Hold You Back

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Negative beliefs sabotage our potential. You need to learn to battle those negative thoughts and come out the other side stronger, more empowered and with better mental well being.

Here are 10 negative beliefs and thought patterns, and the ways in which they are causing you to miss out on valuable opportunities and experiences.

1. You Think "I Can't Do That"

This is the number one self-sabotaging belief. Anyone can learn to do something new if they push themselves hard enough.

Your brain can rewire itself to overcome injuries, birth abnormalities and many other issues. As you do a new thing more often, different parts of your brain connect to one another, engaging and stimulating each other until the connections are fully formed. Your brain really is a wonderful thing!

This means that not only can you learn new things, you can learn to think in a new way about yourself - which is the first step in conquering negative beliefs.

2. You Let Past Failures Dictate Future Outcomes

If you constantly dwell on past failures, you are building up negative beliefs about yourself. These negative beliefs will trip you up when you face future challenges.

This will then lead to further failure, and the cycle will continue until you learn how to break it.

You need to learn how to develop yourself - and the Avatar® course has been called the "most powerful, purest self-development program available."

3. Thinking That Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Patience is a virtue. But too much patience can result in being passed over for the things you really want.

If you're waiting quietly, patiently, for something to happen - there's absolutely no guarantee that it will. It doesn't matter how deserving you are of the chance.

You need to make everybody know why they should be bringing that good thing - a promotion, a new job, whatever your desire may be - to your door.

4. It Was Just Good Luck

There's no such thing as luck. There is hard work, self-empowerment, and learning to overcome obstacles.

When you achieve something after an arduous process, recognize that you have done well and congratulate yourself - there was no luck involved, it was all you. Then go on to learn how you can emulate that result again and again.

Don't rely on pure chance to deliver the things you want from life.

5. I'm Happy in My Comfort Zone

Friends and family are supportive, loving people who we couldn't live well without.

But if you never step outside of this comfort zone to meet new people and try new things, how do you expect to develop as a person?

Breaking out of the space in which you're the most comfortable will put you in new and challenging situations. But this is exactly where you need to be - no one wants to tread water for the rest of their lives.

This doesn't mean leaving friends and family behind - they'll be there to support you. But sometimes, you have to take a bold step for yourself.

6. I Need Someone Else to Help Me

Again, helping others and being helped out are constructive ways to work and live. But if you always rely on someone else to help you, you'll never truly grow.

Being a strong individual means making individual choices sometimes. You need to be decisive and - even if it means learning from your mistakes - take charge of your work and life. You can't always ask for help.

7. I Never Need Help

Conversely, thinking that you're capable of doing everything isn't realistic. Heaping pressure on yourself like this isn't healthy. Yes, be ambitious.

But realize that there are times when you'll need a helping hand. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, and we always learn so much from other people.

There's a fine balance to be struck here. You must learn to work alone and be an individual when it's necessary, but you must also learn from others to benefit your work as a team.

8. I'd Rather Blend in Than Stand Out From the Crowd

It's easier to fade into the background and not be the center of attention. You don't always have to be the name on everybody's lips, but blending into the crowd means you lose your individuality.

Stand out, be bold, and be yourself. This is one of the key steps you must take if you want to be a self-empowered person - you must first be yourself, regardless of where you are.

9. This Is Too Difficult for Me

Nothing is too difficult for you - you just haven't done it the right way yet.

Negative beliefs telling us that things are too hard are destructive. They cause us to give up before we've really begun, which doesn't just lead to failure - it means that we never complete the task before us.

How can we ever learn anything if we do not really ever start the process?

10. It's Someone Else's Problem

No, it is not someone else's problem. It is your problem and you should deal with it as best you can.

Shying away from your own problems and making excuses like this simply isn't healthy behavior. You can't expect anyone else to pick up the pieces.

Standing by is self-sabotage - the problem will eventually find you again. And it may very well be worse for the fact you didn't deal with it properly in the first place.

Take control of yourself and don't let these negative beliefs prevent you from finding solutions to life's problems.

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